My weekend in pictures.




Tiny nursery is almost done! 


I put this together myself. There were screws and everything!


Can you tell he’s excited to be a dad?


I put on makeup! I don’t look amused for some reason though. Probably because I feel like a beached whale…in makeup.


He’s really looking forward to carrying his baby around.


For a future project (or 2) that will be the subject of a blog (or 2) very soon. I LOVE THIS STUFF.


UGH. I guess I should finally fold this laundry. Yes, that’s my giant belly. I couldn’t angle it so it wasn’t in the pic. 

Other things I did that didn’t get pictures:

Pedicure (I was too relaxed to take a picture. I love the leg massage in particular.)

Watched Magic Mike with my husband. I didn’t think it would be awkward, and it wasn’t. He knows that ain’t my type. I like the baby-faced nerd type.


Can’t complain.

I have somewhere around 90 days to go until this baby comes, and my shoes are already giving me bruises. I’ve mentioned before that by Friday, my feet and ankles double in size. This week, I took off my slip on Chucks (aka, my most comfy shoes), and I had a big red welt on the top of each of my poor, fat feet. I took a picture for posterity, but I don’t think anyone really wants to see it. I’ll spare you.

Saturday, my husband and I ventured down south a bit to visit my brother and niece in Belen, NM. I spent my childhood summers down there and a lot of time as a college student doing laundry at my grandma’s house. The town really hasn’t changed much since. I did get a little sad when we drove past my grandma’s old house. The last home my grandma and grandpa purchased together, and the one he passed away in. I still remember every detail of that old home, and I get a little mad that other people live there now.

My brother Danny made us for real homemade spaghetti. Like, he rolled out pasta dough, used a Kitchen Aid attachment, and made spaghetti. He also made us homemade french bread, which my husband (the carb-o-holic) really appreciated. Both of my brothers are really good cooks, but that gene must have skipped me. I do alright when I really try, but they just have this natural knack for the culinary arts. Why they aren’t working in kitchens as executive chefs, I have no idea.

Chris took this picture. He also took the second loaf of bread home.

My niece Katy is 6 1/2 now and just as cute as can be. I love that age. She is so smart, imaginative, and sweet. I just really love hanging out with her.

I told her to smile and this was the face I got. When I giggled, she said, “What? I can’t show my teeth! They’re coming out!”

“And then, and then, and then…”

My bro’s freezer. “I’m not a big sweets person,” were words he lied.

I had the worst headache all day probably due to the lack of sleep the night before (what’s new?) So instead of celebrating our 2 year anniversary a few days early like planned, we went home and picked up Chinese take out and watched a movie on Netflix. I fell asleep early, only to wake up to watch Saturday Night Live (we never miss in this house). They did a Gangnam Style parody, which made me extremely happy. If you’ve yet to see the internet sensation known as Psy, behold it here on my blog. Turns out this guy went to Boston University at the same time my husband did. I like to pretend they were best friends and maybe one day they will reunite and then we’ll be best friends.

All in all, it was a pretty great day.

And the winner is…

…Chris. He wins an award for the Most Patient Man on the Planet Earth. This is how I know that one day he will win a Father of the Year award. I have to give him public props for how great he was this weekend in particular.

Friday night, I was feeling so bloated that even sitting on the couch was uncomfortable. Instead, I told Chris I was going to lay down in the bedroom. I had a little pity party of one for a few minutes because it was Friday night, and I was in bed at 7 pm. He surprised me by picking out a movie and cuddling with me. He wanted to spend Friday night with me, he said. It was a really sweet gesture since I know he’d probably prefer to play some PS3 and watch movies on our big living room TV instead of the tiny one in the bedroom.

He chose Willow because I’d never seen it. We had a great time watching 2/3 of it before we both passed out cold. It was the best Friday night I’d had in a long time.

The baby was the best actor in the movie. Such great reactions!

Saturday, we got up bright and early and went to the first showing of the The Campaign. I love anything Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, so I thought it was great. Afterwards, we were starving. I was at the stage in hunger where I was going to get real stabby if I didn’t eat immediately. So of course, we drove around FOR AN HOUR before deciding on where to eat. Chris was very patient and sweet even though I was a giant, evil beetch. It all ended in a very delicious cheeseburger from the Elephant Bar, so all was right with the world shortly thereafter. No one got stabbed. (He should have received a medal).

Today, the nesting kicked in again big time. What’s really strange is Chris has also started nesting. He’s been cleaning out the office/future baby room diligently every evening — getting rid of old DVDs and comics. Today, as I was cleaning this apartment from top to bottom, he was organizing our kitchen cabinets and scrubbing the appliances. I giggled to myself at the sight of it because if you knew my husband, you’d know just how out of character this behavior is. But I’m not going to complain. He can keep doing this forever, please.

When the house was sparkling and we finally sat down, he told me, “We make a great team.”

Yeah. I totally agree with that.