The Snoogle was a success. I slept great in between my many trips to the bathroom. Then, I proceeded to stay in bed most of the day. Well, I did get up to watch Eddie & the Cruisers with Chris (awful), dust some furniture, cook some brunch, and clean 2/3 of a bathroom. Not a completely wasted day.

With this pregnancy, I am just learning to listen to my body. That sounds really hokey, but I have to remember that I haven’t really slept a full night in weeks. I was finally comfortable, so I let myself rest.

Oh! I forgot that I also went to the store to get a cupcake (my first real craving that actually lured me out to hunt for it). I lost 2 pounds somehow this week, so I decided to indulge this craving.

It was a little chocolate cupcake, but it worked. Craving squelched. For now.


Snoogle time.

In an act of desperation, I dropped $70 on a pregnancy pillow called the Snoogle. Dumb name, but let’s hope it works. I am a tummy sleeper, and being pregnant isn’t conducive to that obviously. After a week of barely no sleep, I had to try something. The regular body pillow does nothing for me. My dog loves it though, so not a complete waste of money (ok, it totally was).

Wish me luck! I hear good things about this from previously-preg ladies, so I’m excited.

And if it sucks, I have the receipt handy.

I re-wrote the post that I tried to publish last night. After I wrote it, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to share yet. So, as one of my friends pointed out, maybe it was meant to be. Thanks WordPress for not working, I guess!