1) We had another ultrasound yesterday. Baby H is doing great and all of his measurements are right where they are supposed to be. He now weighs 1 pound 2 ounces, too. Crazy! The ultrasound tech was HILARIOUS. She had me and Chris in tears from laughing so hard. If only we could get her every time.  After Baby H flipped over on his tummy for the 5th time, she declared he’d had enough, so she was done. Little punk.

2) Oh, and she confirmed he is, indeed, a little boy. I couldn’t really tell from the ultrasound pics last time. Even though my OB confirmed with me when I pulled the photos out of my purse at the last appointment, I still wanted confirmation. Again.

3) We bought our first big stash of diapers. We plan on stockpiling as much as we can before December. I am also checking out cloth diapering. Either way, I’m going to be prepared.

4) Time for mind numbing Teen Mom and bed. I am beyond exhausted. Nothing new there.

5) Sorry for being boring. Here is a picture I drew of my dog, Quincy. On a Post-it.



Making room.

The nesting has begun. I thought these overwhelming urges to clean and organize came later on, but I am officially in nesting mode. We did a lot of cleaning today. Chris even SCRUBBED THE BATHTUB. I had to really emphasize that because he has never cleaned a bathtub in his life. It wasn’t that dirty, but for the past couple months, it’s been difficult for me to bend over (obviously), so it was too dirty for my liking. He did a great job, too. I couldn’t even find anything to criticize!

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment that we love. It’s overpriced and we considered moving for several months now, but we are spoiled and our apartment has everything that we need (want): refrigerated air (not crappy swamp coolers that a lot of homes here have); washer/dryer; dishwasher (we did not have this in LA and I hated my life); high ceilings; walk-in closets; good size but not too big for me to dread cleaning. The only thing it doesn’t have is a yard, which we really wanted for the Quincess. But all the houses we looked at renting that had all of the amenities our spoiled asses required were more than we pay for our very nice apartment. So, we’re staying. And, we’re not buying yet because we are not sure we’re staying in New Mexico for the long haul. (We also didn’t want to move while I was pregnant. Or, I didn’t want to move while I was pregnant.)

So anywho, the second bedroom right now is our guest room/office. We will be taking out the guest bed and putting in a crib and turning it into Baby H’s room. The baby will be chilling with us in our room for the first couple months with one of these things. But when he’s ready for the crib, I wanted to have something set up for him. He’ll just have a desk and a giant bookcase in there, but that’s ok, right? That will hopefully make him appreciate literature? Yeah. It will.

The mini co-sleeper: the best option for the mom who wants to co-sleep but is too terrified of squishing the baby.

I am not too big on buying a bunch of expensive baby furniture. So, we’re going to hit up garage sales and craigslist for a small dresser and refinish it ourselves. Then we’ll put a couple shelves on the walls for a little bit of decoration. Aaaand, that’s pretty much it. I am sure Baby H won’t complain.

I’ve already hung up his wardrobe in the master closet. We have a low hanging rack we’ve never used, so I bought some baby rack dividers, and started hanging them up. We still have a lot of organizing to do, but it will come together.

I’m glad I hung these up in our closet. It makes me so happy to see his little clothes when I go in there to get dressed, and it makes me feel like we’re already a little family.

We also dog sat my mom’s schnauzer, Benny, today while they went out of town. Here’s a cute picture of him. He’s got an intense stare that he can hold for minutes, I’m sure. It makes me laugh.

That’s Quincy’s tail in the foreground. She has to have more attention, ya know.

A week 7 retrospective (and other stuff)

Today was a much better day than yesterday. Thanks to all my friends for cheering me up. Ya’ll are the best.

I got a call today from my doctor with the final screening results for chromosomal abnormalities (this one included neural tube defects and spina bifida). We are the lowest possible risk for all of that stuff, which was good news. That tidbit helped me put things into better perspective and realize what’s truly important here.

On to week 7, or “when shit got real”:

The morning sickness has kicked into full force. I was getting worried about not being nauseous enough. But first day in week 7 and I’m nauseous constantly. CONSTANTLY.

I’ve lost ALL of the water weight I put on. All 9 pounds. NINE POUNDS. Maybe it has something to do with peeing every hour on the hour in the night? Yeah, probably.

The dizziness has subsided for the most part, which is great. I can take a shower now without feeling like falling over. I might barf in the shower, but I won’t be swaying while doing it.

We tried to call Chris’s parents yesterday to tell them the big news, but they were at Disneyland. Yes, Disneyland. Alone. Just the two of them. And having a freaking blast. So hopefully they will call soon and then I can tell other family members (but probably not for a while — I’m still paranoid about telling people).

Oh, Google is the devil. DEVIL. When you are pregnant, do not Google anything. Especially miscarriage or other complications that can occur in pregnancy. To be clear, I have had ZERO complications — no spotting, no cramping. Just some little twinges here and there of the uterus stretching. Yet, because I had the miscarriage last time, I am a nervous wreck. The hormones making me extrememly emotional don’t help either. I Google and cry, Google and cry. It’s a sad, sad cycle. So if you found this blog by googling “miscarriage” or something, GET OFF THE INTERNET! We’re in this together. It’s going to be fine.

Five more weeks until my first OB appointment! I literally have a countdown for it on my iPhone. I am so excited/nervous.

Chris has been beyond wonderful taking care of me. He’s amazing. I don’t know how I got so lucky. He puts up with my hormonal crying like a champ. He deserves a medal or a plaque of some sort.

The nausea didn’t go away. The projectile vomiting is yet to come. I did not gain any more water weight (or weight, still. The double green chile cheeseburger I had for dinner tonight might change that, though. No shame. It was delicious).

Just a couple more days until we do the grand tour of the maternity ward where I’ll be pushing. AAANNNNDDDD….only 5 more days until we get the level 2 ultrasound and find out if it’s a boy bean or girl bean. I still think girl. I just hope this little hopper cooperates. Speaking of which, I feel this baby move all day long. When I’m running around like crazy at work, or getting stressed, and I feel it moving…it just makes everything ok.

Our favorite schnauzer who has no idea she won’t be our number one child once the baby gets here. She’ll still be spoiled, she just won’t be the complete center of attention.

Rude awakening.

Your face is invalid.

I just wrote a really long, kinda heart felt post about something I hadn’t told many people. It was difficult to write AND my bed is looking really comfortable right now, so I was happy to get it done. Then I pressed “publish” and WordPress told me my request was invalid. They’re invalid! That’s not cool. Oh, and this was on the quick post screen, so I was looking for the save draft button and somehow it completely erased. That is my cue to go to bed now. I will attempt to write it again tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is our fur baby Quincy in her pillow palace. I bought a body pillow to help my pregnant ass sleep, but it does not. At least she likes it.

Schnauzer face.

Our baby went to the groomer today and got the Schnauzer treatment.

We’ve always kept her super fuzzy because it’s cute, but she was getting mats, so we relented and took her to the groomer. Her beard is a little shorter than we wanted, but other than that, she looks dog-show-ready, huh? Too bad she is a spazoid and lacks a pedigree. I would be the crazy dog show lady for sure.

I read a story about a woman who cloned her beloved dog for $50,000. My first reaction was, “Psh, you are nuts, woman.” But the more I think about it, if I had $50k to just throw away, I would totally clone Quincy. She has brought us so much joy in the past year. She might not have been right for the two other families before us who dropped her off at the pound, but she’s perfect for us.

My next post, I will show my new hair do, and show off my new makeup skillz. I bet you’re sitting on pins and needles now.