Paging Dr. Venkman…


I am so ready for the three day weekend. While this week has not been a complete suckfest, it hasn’t been great.

Monday, I called my doctor since I was still in pain. She told me to drink TONS of water (more than I already drink, which is a half ton) and stay home and rest. So, I took the day off and it really did help. I’m still a little sore when I walk, but not like before. Baby H is moving around in there more and more. I actually adore his kickboxing moves and smile every time I feel him roundhouse my kidney. The only downside is he kicks my bladder and I feel like I’m about to pee my pants. I also feel like I have to pee every second of the day! My bladder must be a comfy place to hang out.

Work hasn’t been too bad. I’m in the midst of organizing a large event, so I’ve spent lots of time emailing and on the phone. With my legs propped up. The cankleage is at a minimum right now. However, usually by Friday I have Stay Puft Marshmallow Legs, so we shall see.

So cute. So evil.

I thought the pregnancy appetite was coming on last week when I gladly ate my weight in Mexican food one day at lunch. But alas, since then, I just get fuller faster. Tonight for dinner, I had a little salad and some pita chips and was s-t-u-f-f-e-d. The pita chips were really, really good too and I wanted to just keep eating them forever, but I decided making myself vomit probably was not a good idea. Hmph.

Such are the woes of a first world pregnant woman.


Recovery weekend.

Sorry for the brief hiatus.

The stress of work and lack of sleep in general had me completely spent by Friday. I had majorly severe round ligament pain. I knew it wasn’t anything serious because it only hurt when I moved around and the baby was even more active in there than usual. His new favorite thing to kick is my bladder. Oh, and the cankles? I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Forget Cankle Town. This was like the Nation of Cankleton. It was not cute. So, I put myself on bed rest, forgoing other plans I had (including a much, much needed pedicure).

I took it easy, just watching movies with Chris and doing a little reading. I took a few warm baths, which really helped relax those muscles. Today, I feel much better. I can move around without pain, although there is a lingering soreness. If only I had one more day to get back to 100%.

At least my ankles look like ankles again.

7 things.

1) We went on a tour of the women’s hospital today where I’ll be delivering. Compared to other hospital maternity wards I’ve been in, it’s great. I’m about as excited as one can be to deliver a baby. Still terrified, though.

2) My wonderful, supportive mom and step-dad came with us and afterwards, made me a bacon cheese avocado burger for dinner. It was amazing. My mom also told me I looked like I lost weight. What a sweet little lie. She obviously didn’t notice my burgeoning cankles due to swelling. (Actually, she did notice.)

3) My mother-in-law has been texting me lately (this is very new). Today, she sent me a very sweet text and signed it, “Love, Mom.” I can’t even begin to express how much that meant to me. We’ve never had a bad relationship, but just…non-communicative. I’m glad that’s changing.

4) Work this week was beyond stressful and next week will be times 10. The silver lining: after next week, our trade show season is over and things will start to slow down. So looking forward to that.

5) A bit of advice. Don’t be assholes to pregnant women for no reason. The hormones are real. And you’ll either get physically hurt or feel like a dick when you make them cry. So just be nice.

6) Round ligament pain is no fun.

7) I got nothing else. I promise to be more interesting tomorrow.