Cankle town.

As I predicted, this week at work has been crazy go nuts university.

Tuesday, I worked a couple hours out of town at a trade show. It was pretty easy and I got to sit on my butt most of the day except for an impromptu hike uphill to find a place to tape a banner. That alone made my legs swell and hurt for the rest of the day. But I got some free chips and guacamole, so I didn’t complain.

Yesterday, work was crazy catching up on the day before (I hate missing a day and coming back to 10,000 emails). And my whole body felt like it was hit by a truck. So weird.

Today was the worst. We did our LAST (woohoo!) trade show for a while and it was a doozy. I couldn’t sit, so I had to stand for 5 hours. And get this. My growing uterus or something is hitting a nerve in my back causing my right outer thigh to go numb when I stand for more than 10 minutes. Then it starts burning. Numb and burny = not a good feeling. THEN my feet started swelling so bad I thought I’d die. But I got free pizza and ice cream, so I didn’t complain too much.

When I got back to the office, I made some popcorn for the staff (we rented a dumb popcorn machine for this show). As I’m making popcorn, I very slightly burn myself.  I immediately go into pity party mode and start crying. Imagine me stuffing popcorn into bags and crying. By myself. I don’t know if there is more of a pathetic sight. I knew it was dumb but I couldn’t stop.

Stupid popcorn.

I put my big girl panties on eventually and wiped the sad, sad tears from my eyes and decided I’d worked enough today. When I got home and took off my socks, I was beholden with the most sexy sock lines from my very swollen ankles. It’s cankle town up in here. No, I will not post pictures.

This week wasn’t all bad. On my lunch break yesterday, I stopped by Other Mothers, which is a second hand baby store. It was amazing. I got a TON of stuff for $25. I even got a onesie from the John Lennon baby line, which was discontinued long ago. I’m a giant Beatles freak, so this was very exciting. Oh, and it was 69 cents.

It’s hard to tell from the pic, but there are 20 pieces here.

And, I think we got a baby name. I will share it later on when we are 100% sure. Meaning, when Chris is 100% sure. I’m pretty much there.

Yay for Fridays.


So productive.

It is 2:30 pm, and I have already managed to:

  • Work out way too hard at the gym.
  • Did the grocery shopping.
  • Cleaned the house.
  • Did laundry.
  • Made myself a really good protein-packed salad with shrimp & avocado (that’s not really an accomplishment, it was just so good I wanted to throw it in).
  • Wrote a blog.

Next on my list…nothing. And maybe a nap. And cuddle with Quincy.