At this moment…

  • This baby is doing some crazy uterus acrobatics. I can actually see my belly flopping around.
  • I’m watching the Real Housewives of New York and am so thankful I am not like any of them.
  • So excited for the future.
  • So terrified of the future.
  • Contemplating bumping up my OB appointment from next week to this week because my ankle/foot swelling is out of control and it kinda worries me.
  • My high school dreams are coming true.
  • ‘Bout to eat this ice cream.

Yes that’s chocolate ice cream with marshmallows on top. My husband came up with that. Now do you people understand why I married him? Impromptu rocky road without the rocky part.


Blood, naps, and cheeseburgers.

I meant to write a blog on Friday night, but just as I settled down to jot down some nonsense, I heard a really loud curse word. That starts with the letter F. My poor husband cut his finger badly with an x-acto knife when he was doing some design work. He also wants me to add that he has never cut himself before. This was a freak occurrence and don’t you dare think otherwise.

Anyway, it was panic time around here as I threw on a horrible ensemble of black leggings, a yellow maternity top, a gray skirt, and flip flops. I left the house with that on! He cut his finger really bad and blood was everywhere, so I was sure we would need to head to the ER. Thankfully, Chris was the calm and collected one and told me we should just go to the pharmacy and get some suture strips. That did the trick and it’s healing nicely now. I still wince thinking about it (and the outfit).

On Saturday, I got up bright and early for my 1-hour glucose test. It wasn’t so bad. I got a nicely chilled bottled of flat orange soda, basically. I was thirsty, so I pounded it down, impressing all of the nurses I’m sure.  Then I kept myself busy with Facebook and a book about John Lennon (more on my love for him in my next post).  Hopefully I get the results soon.

 Mmmmm. (I stole this picture from somewhere. This is not the exact one I consumed. Full disclosure and all.)

That evening, we had dinner with a friend of ours who happens to live like 50 feet from us, in the apartment building next door. He’s only lived there two months, and we had yet to see him, so when he sent me a text offering me a grilled green chile cheeseburger…uhh, yeah. I’ll be there. Have I mentioned that my biggest craving during this pregnancy has been cheeseburgers? And then add fresh roasted green chile and…heaven. It was also cool to just walk across the parking lot to get to them. I didn’t even have to lug around my purse!

Sunday, I did nothing. Technically, I did a little cleaning and watched a couple movies. But mostly, it was naps. And nothing.

I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.

Kenny Loggins and other thoughts.

Things have been pretty uneventful around here, so here’s some stuff.

1) Watching Caddyshack tonight, Chris asked me at the beginning who sang the theme song. I told him Kenny Loggins. “Kenny Loggins?” he asked. “Yep,” I replied.  Five minutes later as the opening credits reveal it was indeed Kenny Loggins, I hear from the other room, “Katy! It’s Kenny Loggins!”

I’m alright…

2) By the way, I want to write a movie and have Kenny Loggins do the soundtrack. It baffles me that he doesn’t do more theme songs now.


3) I’m a little disappointed that I am not craving more things in this pregnancy. I’m also sad that I don’t have a ravenous appetite (like I usually do when I’m not pregnant). Mainly because I wanted to have an excuse finally for eating all of the time. I’m crazy, I know. I’ll shut up now.

I wish I could, Gene Wilder. I wish I could.

4) Baby H is kicking a lot harder these days. Chris can feel him too (so he says) so that’s cool. The good news is he doesn’t move much in the middle of the night. Maybe he’ll be on a good sleep cycle! At least that’s what people have told me. Probably not true. But, it helps me sleep better now, so it’s still a win in my book.

5) Now that the Olympics are over, we feel a little lost. We don’t even flip through the channels. The TV just stays on the Gordon Ramsay channel. I mean FOX.  For serious though, I love him, but how many shows does the man need? Four, I guess.

You donkey! 

Yep. That’s all I got.


The Snoogle was a success. I slept great in between my many trips to the bathroom. Then, I proceeded to stay in bed most of the day. Well, I did get up to watch Eddie & the Cruisers with Chris (awful), dust some furniture, cook some brunch, and clean 2/3 of a bathroom. Not a completely wasted day.

With this pregnancy, I am just learning to listen to my body. That sounds really hokey, but I have to remember that I haven’t really slept a full night in weeks. I was finally comfortable, so I let myself rest.

Oh! I forgot that I also went to the store to get a cupcake (my first real craving that actually lured me out to hunt for it). I lost 2 pounds somehow this week, so I decided to indulge this craving.

It was a little chocolate cupcake, but it worked. Craving squelched. For now.