Just words.

I still haven’t written my letter to Henry, even though his birthday was 3 days ago. I’ll get to it before Christmas. I hope.

I love the holidays, but it’s tough when you’re struggling financially. I want to be able to get my parents decent gifts. Or my husband. But that’s just not going to happen this year, and it bums me out. We need every cent we have in the bank in case Chris is unemployed longer than expected. Or before one of us gets a job, I mean. It might still have to be me, even though I’m not really ready to leave Henry yet. It kinda breaks my heart to think about it, but I also know that he needs things like food and shelter soooo…yeah.

Anyway, now that he’s a walking pro, Henry is starting to talk more. He’s into Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS right now and can say “tiga” and “grrr.” We actually found this out as we were strolling him around Toys R Us and he spotted a Daniel Tiger doll. I showed it to him and he said “tiga grrr.” So we bought him the doll. Other words in his limited vernacular (besides the basics): cack-a (cracker), nigh-nigh (night night), and mo mo (elmo).

On Thursday, we took him for his one-year well baby check and he did excellent. The doctor said he couldn’t be happier about his growth and development. Seeing Henry walk around the room with a sippy cup in his mouth, then stopping to “talk” to the doctor really tickled him. He sees a lot of babies, so I’ll take that as a good sign. I got a little emotional at one point reminiscing with the doc about this time last year, when Henry was losing too much weight and I was panicked. It’s not a pediatrician’s job to calm a crying new mother, but he did, and he told me we’d be alright, that  I was doing all the right things. So on Thursday, when he looked at me and said, “You are doing such a good job, mama.” OH MAN TEARS FELL FROM MY FACE. Being a mom is hard. Being an exhausted new mom is harder and I’m glad I chose him to be our pediatrician/my therapist.

Chris and I have started Dexter on Netflix. Only about 8 years late to that party. It’s good. So time to go do that before passing out. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has sent well wishes and prayers and love galore to me and my family. You make me all warm and fuzzy.