A whole lotta nothing going on.

All has been quiet at Casa de Kosek. I spent the 3 day weekend doing much of nothing, but I did finally venture out to get a pedicure. I took naps. I watched a lot of BBC shows on Netflix.

Mainly just this one.

I went to my monthly OB appointment today. Everything is still fine. All of my aches and pains are normal and will only get worse. I didn’t gain any weight this month (total shocker to me given my sudden and intense craving for Cinnamon Toast Crunch for every meal. Hey, I eat it with Silk Soy Milk with DHA, so it’s totally fine). And, I have the 1-hour glucose test this weekend. I’m not scared. Ok, maybe a little. I shall combat that fear with this:

These might have to happen soon. Shan will agree, I’m sure.




We got a grill! It’s not a big, fancy one, but it’s nice. Now I get to deck out our back porch with plants and furniture to make it homey so we can spend this summer grillin’ and chillin’. I am going to make a shirt that says that and become a MILLIONAIRE.

I have always wanted to be a good cook. I try. I do. Really. And well…I just suck. I am not going to lie, I am bad. Or, sub par at least. But now that I have this iPad, I think I might give it another go and download some cool video cooking apps.

I want to start with homemade spaghetti sauce. There is nothing better, really. Then, if I mess that up, I will just give up and let Chris do all of the cooking from now on. I guess I can live off chili and quesadillas.

I guess I will have to blog my endeavor once it begins. That will be a hoot.