My life lately…

…has consisted of me doing the following things:

  1. Lots of doctor’s appointments. All is status quo. Baby is 5 lbs 12 oz now with 4 weeks to go. I’ve been monitoring my blood sugar and all is normal. The doctor is just being over cautious, which is…whatever. I am an exemplary patient. I do what they tell me to do.
  2. I have an almost 6 pound baby directly on my bladder. We saw his face again on Tuesday. He’s pretty damn cute if I do say so myself.
  3. Chris and I took a childbirth class. That was actually pretty interesting and I probably could have blogged about it. But. I didn’t. Sorry. Anyway, I learned a lot and so did Chris. He took a ton of notes and was really engaged. That made my heart pretty happy.
  4. After the birth class, we did something social for a change and had dinner with some friends. They were so kind to grill us some steak and we spent hours just talking and laughing. That was nice since once Henry comes I’m sure our social life will be even more non-existent.
  5. I finally had to fill out our birth plan. As of now, here’s where I stand: I am gonna go for all natural (like I’ve always wanted) but I’m signing the waiver form for an epidural in case I want one. And if things don’t work out how I want them to, then I’m not going to beat myself up over it (as long as baby is ok). The only thing I am adamantly against are analgesic pain killers.
  6. I’m training my replacement at work, which makes the whole “I’m going to be a stay at home mom!!!” more and more real. My life is about to be unrecognizable, and I’m both excited and anxious.
  7. I’ve gained a total of 20 pounds and I’m happy about that. My doctor thinks most of it is water weight since my legs and feet ARE HUGE. At my appointment yesterday, the doctor pulled up my pant leg to check out the swelling and audibly gasped. I wasn’t even offended. I was all, “Yeah, I know. It’s crazy, huh??” Let’s put it this way: I was wearing socks with monkeys on them (I’m 13 apparently) and the outlines of the monkeys were embedded onto my feet. And the top of the socks left a good 1″ dent in my ankles. Cankle town is no joke anymore. It’s  REALLLL.

I promise to be better about blogging soon. I’m just so exhausted lately. Last night, I laid down at around 8 pm and passed out cold. The other night, I fell asleep mid-sentence while talking to Chris and holding my iPad. I woke myself up a little while later by snorting really loudly and had drooled all over myself. Sexy.

Growing a kid takes a lot of a girl.


At this moment…

  • This baby is doing some crazy uterus acrobatics. I can actually see my belly flopping around.
  • I’m watching the Real Housewives of New York and am so thankful I am not like any of them.
  • So excited for the future.
  • So terrified of the future.
  • Contemplating bumping up my OB appointment from next week to this week because my ankle/foot swelling is out of control and it kinda worries me.
  • My high school dreams are coming true.
  • ‘Bout to eat this ice cream.

Yes that’s chocolate ice cream with marshmallows on top. My husband came up with that. Now do you people understand why I married him? Impromptu rocky road without the rocky part.

Paging Dr. Venkman…


I am so ready for the three day weekend. While this week has not been a complete suckfest, it hasn’t been great.

Monday, I called my doctor since I was still in pain. She told me to drink TONS of water (more than I already drink, which is a half ton) and stay home and rest. So, I took the day off and it really did help. I’m still a little sore when I walk, but not like before. Baby H is moving around in there more and more. I actually adore his kickboxing moves and smile every time I feel him roundhouse my kidney. The only downside is he kicks my bladder and I feel like I’m about to pee my pants. I also feel like I have to pee every second of the day! My bladder must be a comfy place to hang out.

Work hasn’t been too bad. I’m in the midst of organizing a large event, so I’ve spent lots of time emailing and on the phone. With my legs propped up. The cankleage is at a minimum right now. However, usually by Friday I have Stay Puft Marshmallow Legs, so we shall see.

So cute. So evil.

I thought the pregnancy appetite was coming on last week when I gladly ate my weight in Mexican food one day at lunch. But alas, since then, I just get fuller faster. Tonight for dinner, I had a little salad and some pita chips and was s-t-u-f-f-e-d. The pita chips were really, really good too and I wanted to just keep eating them forever, but I decided making myself vomit probably was not a good idea. Hmph.

Such are the woes of a first world pregnant woman.

Recovery weekend.

Sorry for the brief hiatus.

The stress of work and lack of sleep in general had me completely spent by Friday. I had majorly severe round ligament pain. I knew it wasn’t anything serious because it only hurt when I moved around and the baby was even more active in there than usual. His new favorite thing to kick is my bladder. Oh, and the cankles? I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Forget Cankle Town. This was like the Nation of Cankleton. It was not cute. So, I put myself on bed rest, forgoing other plans I had (including a much, much needed pedicure).

I took it easy, just watching movies with Chris and doing a little reading. I took a few warm baths, which really helped relax those muscles. Today, I feel much better. I can move around without pain, although there is a lingering soreness. If only I had one more day to get back to 100%.

At least my ankles look like ankles again.

And the winner is…

…Chris. He wins an award for the Most Patient Man on the Planet Earth. This is how I know that one day he will win a Father of the Year award. I have to give him public props for how great he was this weekend in particular.

Friday night, I was feeling so bloated that even sitting on the couch was uncomfortable. Instead, I told Chris I was going to lay down in the bedroom. I had a little pity party of one for a few minutes because it was Friday night, and I was in bed at 7 pm. He surprised me by picking out a movie and cuddling with me. He wanted to spend Friday night with me, he said. It was a really sweet gesture since I know he’d probably prefer to play some PS3 and watch movies on our big living room TV instead of the tiny one in the bedroom.

He chose Willow because I’d never seen it. We had a great time watching 2/3 of it before we both passed out cold. It was the best Friday night I’d had in a long time.

The baby was the best actor in the movie. Such great reactions!

Saturday, we got up bright and early and went to the first showing of the The Campaign. I love anything Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, so I thought it was great. Afterwards, we were starving. I was at the stage in hunger where I was going to get real stabby if I didn’t eat immediately. So of course, we drove around FOR AN HOUR before deciding on where to eat. Chris was very patient and sweet even though I was a giant, evil beetch. It all ended in a very delicious cheeseburger from the Elephant Bar, so all was right with the world shortly thereafter. No one got stabbed. (He should have received a medal).

Today, the nesting kicked in again big time. What’s really strange is Chris has also started nesting. He’s been cleaning out the office/future baby room diligently every evening — getting rid of old DVDs and comics. Today, as I was cleaning this apartment from top to bottom, he was organizing our kitchen cabinets and scrubbing the appliances. I giggled to myself at the sight of it because if you knew my husband, you’d know just how out of character this behavior is. But I’m not going to complain. He can keep doing this forever, please.

When the house was sparkling and we finally sat down, he told me, “We make a great team.”

Yeah. I totally agree with that.

Colorado and goodbyes.

I was so excited to go out of town last week, even if it was for a night. Chris and I love travelling together and we always have a blast. It could be because we leave our mundane worries at home or it could just be we enjoy each others company. Either way, it’s awesome.

On Friday, we drove 200 miles to Durango, CO — one of my favorite places on planet Earth. That might seem like a long way to go for 24 hours, but honestly, we really enjoy the road trip part of it just as much as the destination. Northern New Mexico is gorgeous (and quirky), and we have fun having long conversations and laughing. We did not turn on the radio or play tunes from the iPhone. Nope. We just talked. Brilliant nuggets of convos such as: “Chris, these rocks could be petrified Dinosaur poop. I’m not a scientist, but it kind of looks like it.”

When we arrived in Durango, it was pouring rain. We didn’t care though. We pulled out my old pink Umbrella that I got at a Walgreens in San Francisco years ago. Chris held it for us. Another reason why I love him: he doesn’t give a s–t  about holding a pepto pink umbrella in broad daylight.

Downtown Durango is great. Lots of cool boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops…you get it. We stopped into the Old Tymer’s Cafe, which we later found out is co-owned by Christopher Lloyd. We had no idea, but had we known, we would have sought it out for sure (big Back to the Future fans in this household). The food was really great, too.

Outside of the Durango train station. This picture is very American.

Afterwards we did a lot of walking. I shopped in a cute little baby store and we went to a couple clothing stores. My leg was doing it’s burning/numbing routine, but I sucked it up. It’s my vacation! So off we headed to the Animas River to walk around some more. And some more.

I want to live here.

Swelling in process. 

By the time we checked into our hotel, my WHOLE BODY was swollen. I looked in the mirror and actually kinda scared myself. And the cankles? I’ve never seen anything like it. Instead of Mayor of Cankle Town, Chris said I was the Professor Emeritus of National Cankle University. I totally was. But this time, it was all over my body. My wrists starting hurting really bad shortly thereafter, which is a common complaint when retaining water. Nice.

Oh! I did have a hormonal moment: as we we were walking along the river, a very pretty blonde cyclist passed us and smiled at me. I immediately burst into tears because my leg was numb, I was swollen, and felt gross. Chris of course just hugged me and told me I was not gross, I was carrying his baby, and to shut up. (Ok, he didn’t tell me to shut up, he was actually really sweet, but I am sure you are sick of hearing about that).

He really is sweet, though.

The next morning, we did more of the day before: shopping, eating, and walking along the river before we headed home. We were happy to get home to our Quincy. She was happy to see us, too.

And exhausted. She passed out on the baby clothes I was putting away.

Yesterday, we said goodbye (or see ya later) to one of my best friends, Park. He has decided to get the hell out of Albuquerque and finally have some adventures. Park has always been there for me and supported all my decisions, so even though I was bummed to see him go, he’s got my full support. He deserves it. When I moved to LA in 2006, he came out to visit me with his brother Sam and spent the entire day with me going to the Getty Museum, Universal Studios, and Santa Monica Boardwalk. He even insisted on buying me a new watch so I wouldn’t be late for my new job. He’s, simply put, a wonderful person and I’ll miss him a lot…until October when he’s coming back for my baby shower. He promised. Now that it’s in writing, he can’t back out.

Getty Museum, 2006.

Last night. Outfits very similar. 

Checking in.

Just a quick note. Chris and I went out of town for a night and it was wonderful. I will post some pics and blog more about it later. The cankles did come along for the trip.

Now, I gotta get run some errands and get ready for a good friend’s going away party. More on that later as well.

In the meantime, here are the clothes  I am taking to Goodwill. I cleaned out the closet to make room for baby boy’s stuff.

We still have a lot to do.


After the craptastic day I had on Monday, I told my husband I was going to go to bed early so I wouldn’t be a bitch the next day. He said under his breath, “I don’t know if that will help, but…”

I laughed so hard, and as a result of his smart assedness and a good night’s sleep, the past couple days have been much better. I am 20 weeks pregnant today! The half way point! It’s a huge relief we made it this far. I almost didn’t believe the email I got from Baby Center announcing the milestone. I actually counted out the weeks on the calendar like a weirdo until my due date, and sure enough there are 20 weeks to go.

Apparently, baby boy is now the size of a banana, swallowing amniotic fluid, and making poop. The websites refer to it as “meconium,” but it’s poop.

I am finally showing, but still not brave enough to post a belly pic. I realized it wasn’t just fat when I couldn’t suck in anymore. Like, literally, as hard as I suck in, nothing moves. It’s just a round belly and it’s only going to get bigger. I’ll admit – I love it. Oh! And I got my first pair of maternity jeans today. They intimidate me and I don’t know why.

Onto my Olympic commentary of the day.

YAY USA Women’s Gymnastics! I love those girls. They epitomize teamwork to me and boy, are they amazing. So fun to watch. I cried like a hormonal pregnant woman when they won the team gold last night. Not only did they win, they smoked the competition. Take that, Russia and Romania!

“We’ve achieved more before 18 than most people will in their entire lives! We also have extremely muscular thighs!”

By the way, I am still the mayor of Cankle Town. I guess I have a few months left in office. I will not be running for a second term. For a while, anyway.


Cankle town.

As I predicted, this week at work has been crazy go nuts university.

Tuesday, I worked a couple hours out of town at a trade show. It was pretty easy and I got to sit on my butt most of the day except for an impromptu hike uphill to find a place to tape a banner. That alone made my legs swell and hurt for the rest of the day. But I got some free chips and guacamole, so I didn’t complain.

Yesterday, work was crazy catching up on the day before (I hate missing a day and coming back to 10,000 emails). And my whole body felt like it was hit by a truck. So weird.

Today was the worst. We did our LAST (woohoo!) trade show for a while and it was a doozy. I couldn’t sit, so I had to stand for 5 hours. And get this. My growing uterus or something is hitting a nerve in my back causing my right outer thigh to go numb when I stand for more than 10 minutes. Then it starts burning. Numb and burny = not a good feeling. THEN my feet started swelling so bad I thought I’d die. But I got free pizza and ice cream, so I didn’t complain too much.

When I got back to the office, I made some popcorn for the staff (we rented a dumb popcorn machine for this show). As I’m making popcorn, I very slightly burn myself.  I immediately go into pity party mode and start crying. Imagine me stuffing popcorn into bags and crying. By myself. I don’t know if there is more of a pathetic sight. I knew it was dumb but I couldn’t stop.

Stupid popcorn.

I put my big girl panties on eventually and wiped the sad, sad tears from my eyes and decided I’d worked enough today. When I got home and took off my socks, I was beholden with the most sexy sock lines from my very swollen ankles. It’s cankle town up in here. No, I will not post pictures.

This week wasn’t all bad. On my lunch break yesterday, I stopped by Other Mothers, which is a second hand baby store. It was amazing. I got a TON of stuff for $25. I even got a onesie from the John Lennon baby line, which was discontinued long ago. I’m a giant Beatles freak, so this was very exciting. Oh, and it was 69 cents.

It’s hard to tell from the pic, but there are 20 pieces here.

And, I think we got a baby name. I will share it later on when we are 100% sure. Meaning, when Chris is 100% sure. I’m pretty much there.

Yay for Fridays.