Today is my 33rd birthday. I still can’t believe it. I was thinking last night about how 17 years ago, I was 16 (seems like yesterday, really) and 17 years from now, I’ll be 50. What the what?! I’d say that I hope the next 17 years go by slower than the last, but we all know that’s not how it works.

Anyway, I had a GREAT day. Slept in a little, Henry wasn’t in teething pain and spent most of the day dancing and sleeping. After his morning nap, I snuck out and went shopping BY MYSELF. My dad sent me a very generous visa gift card. I spent most of it on the baby/things we need. I know, I know. My mom did the same, and I’m saving that for a pedicure and something else just for me next week. I also received some nice gifts from friends, which was a total surprise.

Tonight, my mother made me a great meal and cake from scratch. She broke out the real cloth napkins. And had proper place settings. The tv wasn’t even on. Lights were dimmed. Ambiance was very calm. Guys. That’s a big deal in our house. It meant a lot, all of that effort to make me feel special. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it forever. I’m a lucky girl.

I like how she even set out Henry’s own iced tea (his favorite beverage)

Blurry photo of Henry eating cake. Like I said, lights were dimmed.

Also, today was a huge day for my very dear friend Natalie, who has overcome so much in the past few years, only to close on her own house today. HER house. No one else did it but her and I’m very proud. What an accomplishment. Really. Also she will now live 5 minutes away from me so that’s also cool. I’m so excited for her!

Alright. Dexter and bed. Goodnight!


My exciting life.

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I decided to unplug just a little bit this weekend. We spent Saturday doing some belated birthday celbratin’ for Chris. I took him to lunch, took him shopping for new clothes (which I really do enjoy), and getting him some new glasses.

Chris loves his new glasses. I do, too.

We also bought our first baby clothing items. We had an hour to kill while waiting for his glasses, so I decided to give it a shot. I’ll admit, my fear that buying baby clothes would mean something might go wrong was in full gear. I had a cold sweat going on, butterflies, the whole nine. But alas, the only thing I feel now is more pregnant.

The cutest gender neutrals I could find. Also, super cheap. All of this for under $20. My favorite is the duck cardigan.

My sleep is still not great. I am more comfortable now, thankfully, but now I’m having crazy dreams that wake me up and keep me up. On Friday, I dreamed about a house full of cats. Just looking at me. It really freaked me out. Then I made the mistake of watching It Takes Two on HBO, which stars the Olsen twins. Shudder. The next night, I don’t remember the dream, but it kept me up from 3 am to 6 am. We had to get up to meet a friend for breakfast, so needless to say,I took a good 4 hour nap later.

Isn’t my life exciting? Yeah, not so much. Chris and I are going out of town for a long weekend in a couple weeks. It’s so needed. It will be the last time we can do something again until October or November, and by then I probably won’t want to go anywhere. So maybe we’ll get some excitement in then. Maybe.


Yesterday was a mix of great and awful.

I didn’t get any sleep the night before thanks to extreme heart burn. No more refried beans for me! So, as you can imagine, I was a little bit of a zombie at work. Is this the new theme of my life? Exhaustion? I have a feeling it is.

The great part was it was my husband’s birthday. He is not so much into it, but I am. I love surprising him with things because he never expects it and he never asks for it. His favorite food is pizza, so I ordered him one for lunch. Then we went out to dinner with my mom and had some cake and ice cream. I asked him if he had a good day, and he said it was his best birthday yet. Ha.

Honestly, I just feel so lucky to have him. He’s my best friend and I’ve never had anyone love me as much as he does. I’m so grateful for July 11, and the day he came into this world. So, here is my public declaration: Happy birthday, Chris!

Happy Thursday, everyone!