At this moment…

  • This baby is doing some crazy uterus acrobatics. I can actually see my belly flopping around.
  • I’m watching the Real Housewives of New York and am so thankful I am not like any of them.
  • So excited for the future.
  • So terrified of the future.
  • Contemplating bumping up my OB appointment from next week to this week because my ankle/foot swelling is out of control and it kinda worries me.
  • My high school dreams are coming true.
  • ‘Bout to eat this ice cream.

Yes that’s chocolate ice cream with marshmallows on top. My husband came up with that. Now do you people understand why I married him? Impromptu rocky road without the rocky part.


The middle.

As difficult as it was to agree on a first name for our little boy, Chris and I had an even harder time agreeing on the middle name. I really wanted the middle name to have a cool meaning or story behind it, especially since the first name is very classic. He wanted another classic name. After a lot of discussion and pouting (on my part), I totally won. Pouting always wins!

I won’t share the name yet, but I’m excited for the day when I do. The name has a very special meaning to me.

In other baby news: I’m getting bigger and bigger and more and more uncomfortable. Sleeping is becoming more difficult, even with the Snoogle. My hips are starting to ache, so I lay on one side and wake up an hour later in pain. Turn to the other side and repeat. It’s no bueno.

I’m finally looking pregnant and not just like a fatty, so that’s exciting. Maybe someday soon I’ll post a belly pic. Maybe.

Another ultrasound on Monday. In the beginning, I thought getting an ultrasound every month would be fun, but now not so much. The co-pays and out of pocket charges are killing me. I might ask the doctor for a little break. Let me buy some damn diapers or something, sheesh! All this baby stuff is expensive and we gotta start stockpiling now.

I’ll end on this from the Oatmeal: