Well this week has just been a ball of fun.

Last Thursday, Henry and I met up for another play date at a park. As I was getting him out of his car seat, I noticed his nose was runny. Shit. His eye was watery too though, so I thought it could just be allergies. The next day, Friday, he was pretty normal and I didn’t notice anything amiss, except he was fussier than usual. On Saturday, we dragged him to the car dealership so we could sign off on our new SUV and I could tell he was just not feeling good AT ALL. Then came Sunday. Oh, Sunday. The poor kid was miserable. My champion sleeper who usually goes 11-13 hours a night only got about 9-10 and woke up at 5:30 screaming. I felt so bad for him the whole day as he struggled to nap, only getting 20-30 minutes here and there, where he usually takes 1.5-2 hour naps. On Monday, I noticed a bad red rash ALL OVER his body so off to the pediatrician we went. The verdict was double ear infection and roseola. After a couple day on antibiotics, he’s finally feeling better. If you can’t tell, this is the first time he’s been this sick. He’s had fevers before, but nothing like this. The kicker? Chris and I are sick too. FUN TIMES UP IN HERE.

Did I mention that Chris was in a car accident and our insurance company wanted to total it? Yeah, so hello car payments again. We needed a larger vehicle anyway, but my cheap ass wasn’t ready yet. I paid off that car in 2011 and I was so proud of myself. It was my first newish car (4 years old when I bought it) and I actually cried when I saw the photos of it all crumpled up and getting ready to be stripped for parts. I’m way too sentimental.

The cherry on the fun cake happened this morning when I finally put batteries back into our scale. I knew I gained some weight since moving here but I didn’t know how much. People. No. I shouldn’t have done that. Or maybe it’s good because that’s it — no more excuses. I’m losing this weight. I’ll write about it here to keep me motivated so get ready for that. We don’t have money for a gym membership so it means lots of walks with Henry, some floor exercises during nap time, and NO MORE ICE CREAM. We eat a lot of ice cream.

Henry is 18 months old today! I love that he’s still happy, even when sick. He’s the real reason I need to get healthier. I need to be around for as long as possible.

henry 18 mo




Some noteworthy happenings:

  • Got my hair cut and colored for the first time since I found out I was bearing a child. I feel like a new person and now I won’t have to spend the 8 seconds of spare time I have in front of the mirror obsessing over all of the gray hairs before throwing it up into a messy bun type thing and leaving it that way for a couple days before I decide to wash it and start all over again.
  • Henry is already holding his head up pretty great. His fave position is sitting up on our laps, with no support on his neck. If you try to support his neck, he gets very annoyed. And tummy time should be called “scoot across the floor time.” This kid wants to move.
  • We no longer have a newborn. We have a baby now. A babbling, giggling, alert, smiley, funny baby. I had to put some of his newborn clothes up this morning and he’s filling out his 0-3’s nicely. I love watching him grow, but it also tugs at my heart.
  • I’ve been doing more and walking. It’s been nice weather and I have the cutest little walking buddy. It knocks him out, though. Even after we get home, he continues to sleep for hours. Not that I’m complaining. An overtired Henry is no bueno. A growing boy needs his rest.
  • Chris continues to be amazing. Even when I’m stressed over stupid stuff, he’s calm and patient and talks me down. I’m lucky that I married a guy who tries to empathize with a new mom and all the stresses that come along with that. He also knows how hard it is to have a 24/7 baby-raising job and is a really good support. I have to brag on him because he deserves it. He puts up with a lot from my hormonal ass.



What he’s wearing:

Hat: knit by someone and given to Henry by a nurse at the hospital. First placed on his head when he was minutes old.

Sweater: Baby Gap (on sale)

Overalls: Old Navy (on sale)

Socks: Trumpette Skater Boy (not on sale)

Pacifier: Nuk


All smiles.

Henry will be 6 weeks old on Tuesday. Time is flying. Why didn’t the days go by as quickly when I went to a job? I actually want time to slow down now.

The babes is awakening from his newborn coma and smiling, cooing, staring at things, playing, and sleeping more at night, less during the day. He laughs especially hard when we sing to him or change his diaper. I guess they are pretty humorous situations if you think about it.

babysmilesJust moments before he peed everywhere.

To rid myself of a bad case of cabin fever, I bundled up the boy and went for a walk yesterday. I did about a (slow) mile. My body might not have been ready for it since my c-section was so sore afterward, but it was still great to breathe fresh air. Henry liked it too. I think. He slept the entire time plus two more hours at home.


Well, I am trying to do something therefore baby is wanting my attention. Happy Friday!

Pump up the jam.

I have said the phrase, “pump up the jam” approximately 30 times tonight while Chris and I searched for the pump to my exercise ball.

Me: Chris, I just need to pump up the jam.

Chris: I know you do.

Me: Do you know why I need to pump up the jam?

Chris: To get your pump on?

Me: Yes.

This a window into our lives. We have a lot of similar conversations. We are giant nerds, basically.

Anyway, we can’t find the pump although we both swear to have seen it recently. Quincy probably carried it off somewhere and hid it. As I wrote that sentence, I witnessed her picking up my shoe and hiding it underneath the dining room table. So my theory isn’t too far fetched.

I managed to do 100 crunches and 30 minutes of dance cardio tonight anyway. The dance moves were really hard, and I found myself doing the booty pop thing instead of the Step Up 3D pop and lock moves. Eh, I’m sure I still burned some calories.

I like how she’s wearing a fanny pack while pumping up the jam. In case she needs a snack or something. And would it kill them to smile a little? So serious about their jam pumping.

Down by the river.

I am so proud of myself today. I ate a healthy breakfast, including a chia smoothie (greek yogurt, a little soy milk, frozen blueberries, and 1 tbsp ground chia), took a multivitamin (I always forget to do this), then went on a 5 mile brisk walk with Chris and Quincy around the Rio Grande. It felt really good to be outside, even it was freezing, and spending time with my little family. Also, I managed to work up a good sweat and feel muscles I forgot existed.

I really do feel more energized today than usual. I don’t know if it has to do with the chia, but I like it.

Now I have chili in the crockpot, laundry in the dryer, and Quincy and I are cuddled up on the bed watching movies. Good Sunday, eh?