Hello, my name is Katy and I have an addiction.

I read an article about how Facebook makes people unhappy. I think it’s true. Sure, I have some hilarious, intelligent friends who make me laugh daily but I also spend a lot of time rolling my eyes. We also live in a day and age where it’s perfectly acceptable to “unfriend” people you’ve known for years as a way to let them know you’re pissed off. It’s a passive aggressive dream come true. That alone makes me sad and disappointed, so I figured it was time to take a break.

The one thing I really need is an extra dose positivity. My husband is still unemployed and where we will be living after February is up in the air. He has some great leads out there so I’m praying one works out.

Anyway. It lasted 12 hours. TWELVE HOURS! Restraint is obviously not my strong suit. After I put Henry to bed, I sat down and really needed to see what foods my friend ate that day or something. Sad.

But despite my obvious addiction, I’m going to try to stay off it when I’m at home with Henry. I think I already do pretty good at that, but I can do better. Also, I really want to finish a couple books I’ve started and I still have one season of Dexter left. Priorities, people.

henry readingHenry checked with his Ocean Buddies book and then told me, “yep, mom, you have problems.” (recycled Instagram pic taken during the great FB hiatus of 2014)

I know I’m not alone here. What is it about social media sites that makes it so difficult to disconnect? And which ones are you addicted to? I don’t do the Twitter, but I love FB and Instagram. Also Pinterest, but that’s different. Chime in.



4 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Katy and I have an addiction.

  1. Well…we both know I have the same addiction. I don’t even know why, but I check out profiles (maybe one in particular) with a regularity that could be considered stalking. I guess a lot of the people I’m friends with I only have a tenuous connection to and would lose touch with completely if not for Facebook. How sad is that?

    • No I completely agree. I think something our generation needs to work on is deeper connections with friends. It’s so easy to see a Facebook status and think “well, I’m all caught up in that person’s life!” Or “liking” a status is akin to a phone call or something. I am so guilty of this and it’s embarrassing.

  2. How did I miss this post? Stupid reader. I’ve been meaning to do a post about facebook for ages. I think you should need to pass a personality test to be allowed on it. There are people who think every single thing you post is something negative about them. And people who post cryptic status’s so you will ask about it because they neeeeeeed attention. Its meant to be harmless fun. Oh… And the people who post meanibgful, insightful quotes with generic pretty picture backgrounds every seven minutes of every waking hour of every single day. We get it. You love yourself and other common sense ideals that normal people don’t need to post about because they just get on with life instead.
    Oops. Sorry Katy. I didn’t mean to write the blog post in your comments. Personally I like baby pics on fb. And if showing everyone what you’re having for lunch is your thing then show off that salad.

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