Sorry for the absence. Dexter isn’t going to watch itself. Here are some random thoughts I’m having tonight:

1) People who don’t have a sense of humor annoy me. Lighten up, folks. No one takes you as seriously as you take yourself. Promise.

2) I saw a documentary about Bronies last night. So this morning, I decided to check out this My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to see what the hoopla was about. It’s super cute but I’m not a Pegasister yet. However, my 13 month old son was totally into it. Baby Brony? Maybe.

3) Good things are on the horizon. Please keep sending those prayers, positivity, rainbow sparkles, whatever. It works!

4) Cute video of Henry practicing good self-esteem skills.

I’ll type up something more substantial later this week. We are almost through with season 6, so I’ll have lots of spare time soon. Unless anyone has any good Netflix recommendations?


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