First Party.

We threw Henry an early birthday party yesterday. I actually canceled his party when Chris lost his job. We were planning on having a fancy cake made, tons of decorations thanks to Pinterest, and even a photographer come and take portraits (thank god we are getting the deposit back). I was going to invite all of my friends and family. All of that was scrapped. I was so down in the dumps and just plain nervous about spending ANY money that I called my mom and told her to forget it. A couple hours later, she calls and says she’ll host it, pay for it, and do all of the baking and cooking, but I can only invite a couple people. Her place is small and she didn’t want to cook for a bunch of folks. I think the trauma of my baby shower is still fresh on her mind (like 13 people showed up and you’d think she was cooking for the troops by her stress level). So I invited a couple close friends and it made a happy, albeit, tiny group. Henry is happy with any attention, so it was more than enough for him.

I don’t know if this is true for all babies, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it probably is, but Henry loved the birthday song the most. He had no clue what was happening, but he liked it. No, he’s not an attention hog or anything. As you can imagine, he also loved his cake and devoured ALL of it. He got tons of toys and books and a music CD from very generous (too generous) people. Then he ran around the house on a sugar high and promptly crashed.  A special thanks to my mama and step-dad for their generosity now and always.

PICS! (The theme was Winter ONEderland — again, thanks Pinterest)

henrycakeYeah, I’m no good on writing on cakes. Really bad, actually. But the cookies turned out super cute! (The cookies were very important to me to complete the theme, if you can’t tell.)

smashcakeWe kept it simple since its sole purpose was to be destroyed. Also, we can’t pipe.

henry and gmaHenry with grandma checking out all of mommy’s hard work decorating. That window (thanks again, Pinterest) took me like 2 hours. My mom is keeping it up for xmas (or so she claims, I’m sure it’s already in a dumpster somewhere).

henryelmoElmo…that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. He’s a tad obsessed with “MoMo” as he calls him.

henry cakeYeah, this is good….

remnants…real good.

henry balloonEnd o’ day sugar rush. Getting the wiggles out in the backyard.

Despite the blisters on my feet after it was over, it was a great day, but extremely emotional. I came home, put the baby in bed, and cried. This year has had its ups and downs for sure. Mostly ups. I was really digging life until last month when the rug was pulled from under us. We had a good thing going, and we’ll get that back, I know we will. But the stress has made me literally sick. And I look at my baby growing up and just think about what’s truly important in life and I just let me emotions go wild. Then Chris put on the Christmas classic, Elf, and everything was ok again. Oh, and talking to friends helped too.

The ONE year Dear Henry post is next. Hopefully I’ll have his video done by then and can post it. For someone with zero video editing experience, it’s been a challenge. I think it won’t turn out horrible though, so I hope you stay tuuuuuned.



One thought on “First Party.

  1. Henry is such an amazing kid! I’m sure with any other parents he wouldn’t be half as brilliant as he is. He’s so lucky to be so loved by everyone! Happy birthday Henry! Wish I could give him (and you) a big hug.

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