I guess I’m one of those moms.

Being a stay at home mom (minus the 8 hours I work outside the home per week) has afforded myself and Henry some luxuries, obviously. One of them is nap time. Henry likes to be held when he naps. He will not go in his crib, even after he’s asleep. As soon as I place him in his crib, his eyes pop open and the screaming starts. I’m not about to let him cry it out, so I take him back in the living room with me and let him nap while I watch the Office on Netflix or, even better, I lay down in my bed with him. That’s what I’m doing right at this moment, actually. Sometimes I nap with him, most of the time, I play games on my phone or text friends. Henry takes long naps in our warm, dark bedroom. It’s a win-win. Funnily enough, bedtime is a different story. He goes to sleep in his crib at night (before getting in bed with me later).

Anyway, I know people are thinking they could never cater to a baby this much. When would they get their cleaning done? I do all of that when he’s awake. He plays; I clean. He eats lunch in his high chair; I eat lunch with him. Easy.

Now there was a time that I tried to break him of this habit, but I’m way more of an attachment parent than I thought I’d be. Babies change every day, so I’m going with what he needs right now. If he needs me to feel secure at nap time, fine. He needs sleep (currently he sleeps 2-4 hours day, 10-12 hours at night) for brain development. Plus, I don’t like dealing with an overtired fussy baby, so I’ll do what I gotta do. There are days he boycotts naps or only sleeps 45 minutes. Those days suuuuuuck.

A recent development in my life is that I now trust myself as a mother. I have an awesome kid, so I must be doing something right. I don’t need to follow some parenting philosophy step by step or google everything for answers. I do have a couple friends with kids that I bug from time to time, but I just go off what I feel is right for me and my child. And I trust it because all I have is this overwhelming love for him therefore of course I’d make the best decisions. So I’m gonna keep co-sleeping, keep holding him whenever he wants me to (a lot), and following his cues. I DO NOT allow him to do whatever he wants, especially if he can get hurt. He will be taught to respect himself and others, but I am also teaching him love and security.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to take a break from their day and snuggle up with this? Everything else can wait.


Eta: I just went back and read this post where I talked about him sleeping in his own crib at nap time. That lasted a couple of months actually and around 8 months, he started only wanting to be held again. This time I didn’t fight it.


2 thoughts on “I guess I’m one of those moms.

  1. I think Isaac is going to be exactly the same. During the day he wont go near the cot, but after about 9pm he’ll be totally passed out in about a minute. Considering he’s my one and only I’ll cuddle him as often as he needs for as long as I can.

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