11 months.

Honestly? Where does the time go? I can’t believe I have this almost-toddler now. Henry’s already walking (pretty well too) and eating all the foods (except no peanut butter, honey, or strawberries yet before you become concerned). His new favorite food is apple. I peel one and then chop it into bite-size pieces. He goes nuts for it. Anyway, I just can’t believe that he’s not this little, sedentary baby anymore. And even though things aren’t super great at our house right how, Henry makes everything better. He’s hilarious and smart and charming. I start getting bummed and maybe even let a tear or two fall, and then I look at my baby and remember how lucky I am. Truly, truly blessed. It doesn’t hurt that he loves snuggles and he loves giving kisses. Talk about heart-warmer.

I could go on and on about how amazing I think he is, but I’ll spare you….until his one year post, then you’re in for it.

And if you have some extra prayers or love to send, we could use them right now.

I’ll leave with this picture taken on his 11 month bday. My baby growing up.



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