Lucky Number 7

Henry turned 7 months old yesterday, and I’m an awful mother for not writing a blog post on the actual day but oh well. Now that he’s much more mobile and animated, he keeps me busy. Also, yesterday I took a few hours off to do what I wanted to do. Of course that means I mainly cleaned and made baby food, but I also took a long shower and watched a movie while my mom babysat. I’ve been kind of in a funk, so it was just what I needed.

But before I took any kind of break, I took his 7 month picture with the ever-shrinking Yoda. The baby also got to my sign and tried to eat it before I could place it next to him, but I was able to wrangle it out of his clenched fists for a few seconds.


He went through the mother of all growth spurts recently, just eating non-stop when he wasn’t sleeping. The kid even woke up TWICE during the night for a few days to eat, which is something he hasn’t done since he was maybe 2 months old? Six weeks old? Somewhere around there. He’s back to normal now, thank you God, and sleeping through the night again. I’ve also upped his solid food consumption from twice a day to thrice a day, so maybe that had a hand in the return to normalcy.

Here are some other fun things he’s doing:

  • Crawling (he’s perfected the army crawl, but he gets on those hands and knees and rocks enthusiastically. I think real crawl is imminent.)
  • Pulling himself up
  • Fake Sneezing
  • Using some of those hard “g” sounds: goo, gee, gah, etc.
  • Eating a lot of real food and much bigger chunks. Also getting good at picking up food and making it into the mouth.
  • Standing while holding onto the table. He even walked down it a little bit this morning to get my husband’s glasses. He fell over after that, but still.
  • Just general funniness and sweetness

I’m going to be checking out baby music classes in the next week or so for him. Henry LOVES when we sing him songs and dance for him. I figure this will be a great way to have fun and stimulate his mind. I’m looking forward to the social time myself, to be honest.

Nothing too new in our world except we are in the midst of trying to purchase a home. The bank is taking its sweet time in approving us, and we have about 6 weeks until our lease is up. Not stressful or anything. Worst case scenario is we rent a house for a year or so, but either way, we are out of this apartment and onto bigger kitchens and more spacious living rooms.

Off to put a little monster down for his nap. Til next month! (Kidding. I hope.)


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