Nerd training in progress.

Henry is fighting a nap right now, so while he’s jumping until he passes out (here’s to hoping), I’m actually on a computer and thought I’d do a quick picture post.

We took him to his first Comic Expo this weekend. My husband has his own online comic and of course, loves comic books, so we had to go. I’m really glad we went, even though it was super crowded and not suited for a stroller, but it was still fun. Also, the ABQ Comic Con is like 1/100th the size of SoCal’s or NYC’s or…most of the other ones. Here’s a quick re-cap.

Henry slept for the first 30-40 minutes, which astonished me because it was LOUD up in there. There was this announcer guy whose voiced boomed across the arena. If you were talking to someone at a table when this dude started talking, you just had to wait. It was that loud.



When he woke up, we decided to just carry him around so he could take it all in. We went to the Mouse Guard booth and boy, did they love Henry. They even tweeted  out his picture!

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.48.55 AMWe ended up buying that book for him, too.

After some more walking and talking, it was time for a break. We spotted some chairs in the corner of the convention center and sat down to feed the monster. My husband also won extra points by taking Henry into the men’s room to change him. One of the original Power Rangers was in there at the same time, which was cool? I guess.



After that, I decided to let Chris go get his nerd on solo and walked Henry around the permitter where it was less claustrophobic. After two hours of extreme stimulation, he had enough. Shoes came off, shade came down, eyes closed.


He’s a good little companion.



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