Wednesday Wins! (6-12-13, Baby Edition)

Justin brought sexy back, and now I’m bringing Wednesday Wins back. Good one, Katy. Thanks, Katy.

Eventually when I get more than 8 readers, I will turn this into a LinkUp, because I can’t find one I like, so I’ll create one I like. So there. First, some light housekeeping: if you haven’t already liked my Katy Wins Facebook page, please do. Leave yours in the comments and I will reciprocate!

This Wednesday Wins is dedicated to baby crap. There is SO MUCH stuff out there, most of which you don’t need and will never use. Here are a few things we definitely need and always use. Hopefully it will help some of you expectant mamas and papas out there to narrow down that registry.

1) Diaper Genie. We actually thought we didn’t need this. Henry was two days old when Chris ran out to get one from the store. If you have a small apartment like ours and are sensitive to odors like I am, you will love this thing. It’s relatively cheap, too.

2) NoseFrida. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ew, gross. That’s what I hear all the time when I tell people this is what I use. But I don’t care what anyone says, I can’t live without this little snot sucker. Henry screamed bloody murder when we used the standard bulb sucker. I used to wait right before nap time or feeding time to use it because I knew it would induce tears that only sleep or food could remedy. With this thing, he doesn’t fuss. Hell, he actually giggles. And, it’s fast and gets so much out. Also, easy to clean. This will be gifted from me in every future baby shower I attend.

3) Video baby monitor. This thing satisfies my worst neurosis, that I am sure most new moms share: the constant checking that sleeping baby is breathing. Instead of creeping to his crib at night and checking, I CAN ACTUALLY SEE IT ON THE MONITOR. That’s how good the video quality is on the Motorola one, anyway. He sleeps better, I sleep (slightly) better. It is a little Paranormal Acitivity-y, but you’ll get over it.

photoA little creepy.


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