Check up.


Henry had his 4 month well-baby check yesterday. He’s healthy, hitting his milestones on time (or in some cases ahead of time), and he’s short. Not surprised since his parents are both short. He’s 25th percentile for height (23 3/4″) and 50th percentile for weight (14 lb 15 oz). Remember how I sobbed through his shots last time? Well, this time I was stronger and didn’t shed one single tear. Mainly because Henry didn’t cry as hard this time. If he had, well…you know.

However, same as last time, he had a low grade fever from the shots. I might have shed a tear or twelve today because despite feeling like crap, he’d still smile at me. Just tugs on the old ticker.

Above is Henry post-shots at two months and post-shots at four months. What a diff two months makes, huh?


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