Cleaning house.

My mom came over today and helped me clean for the arrival of the in-laws. As per usual, she went a little overboard and also organized everything (including Henry’s drawers, which weren’t that bad) and rearranged some furniture in our living room to give us more space. Our apartment isn’t tiny. But with all the baby crap everywhere, it looks very tiny and it WAS DRIVING ME INSANE. Chris must hear on a daily basis, “I can’t wait until we get our house! UGH!” Now I feel like I can breathe. It’s so roomy and airy and I can do workout dvds in there if I want to, and I do, so I am.

Afterwards, we went to my mom’s house for some homemade gumbo and hushpuppies. Being a Southern girl, I could not turn this down. It was amazing. We also stuck around for a while to watch some Real Housewives of Orange County, my favorite of the guilty pleasure variety.

henry&grandma“Oh hey, I didn’t see you there.”

With all of the excitement, Henry didn’t get his usual six naps throughout the day so by the time we got home at around 7 pm, he was zonked. He slept right through his allotted 8 pm bath time and right up until his usual 9 pm bedtime. Thankfully, he was still exhausted and went right to sleep in his crib at 9:45. Such a good baby.

henrysleepRough day.

I haven’t mentioned that my husband is working all sorts of crazy hours these days, have I? Well, he is. And I do not like it. One bit. Single mothers out there have my full respect now, because it’s tough. And I know Chris is bummed that he is missing bath time and bedtime reading. Before I feel too sorry for myself, his horrendous schedule ends tonight and will resume like normal tomorrow. I’m not happy that it’s 10 pm right now and I’ll probably go to bed without speaking to him even once today in person, but I’ll get over it.

Aaaaannnndddd….Henry was a rolling over machine today. As soon as we put him on his tummy, he’d roll onto his back. It was like he was spring loaded. I was able to catch a half a roll on video, which I’ll post tomorrow if I can’t catch a full one. He tends to roll before I can even pick up my phone to film. Little stinker.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning house.

    • Just kinda scanning. Our lease isn’t up until September, so real looking won’t come until this summer probably. We’re just looking to get a 3 bedroom. Just one more room than we have now and we’ll be set.

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