Mi Vida Excitante.

Babies are so fickle.

I tell you that he’s rolled over from tummy to back, and he did — twice! But now he won’t do it again for me. It’s like he knows I have my iPhone camera ready or something. Jeez. Also, the next taste of avocado, he didn’t seem to mind (reference below pictures — sorry for the blurry one, I was dodging avocado puree). But the next morning? Back to screaming. Maybe it’s more of a dinner food.




One thing has remained consistent and that’s his easy bedtime. He still falls asleep on his own. Tonight, he was talking to himself until he fell asleep. Chris and I got a kick out of that one and couldn’t stop giggling. Please Lord, if you read my blog, let this be something that continues forever and ever and ever. Sleep is not something I mess around with.

BUT wait. Now he wakes up at around 1 – 1:30 am. No, not to eat. To get in bed with mom. It’s like clockwork and it’s probably my fault. But hey, like I said, I like my sleep. So if it means putting him (safely) beside me so we can get a few more hours, then I’m gonna do it. Surprisingly, I sleep great when he’s in bed with me so it’s not horrible.

This week will be a busy one. The in-laws are coming into town for a few days, which means lots of trips to Costco! And next Monday is Henry’s 4 month well-baby check and round 2 of immunizations. I am so not ready for that.

But look, he can read! The doctor will be UH-MAZED! Ok not really. But I love the serious look on his face like he’s concentrating. He closed it and put it in his mouth 4.2 seconds later.

henryreadsMom knows this book by heart.

In case anyone’s ever noticed his birthmark on his forehead, it’s called a stork bite. Henry’s is in the shape of a “V”, which I say is for victory. It’s a shame that it’s not lightning shaped. That would spice up our afternoons.

Sooo yeah. That’s my exciting life.


2 thoughts on “Mi Vida Excitante.

  1. My brother in law has a birthmark the same. Only he has flaming red hair and freckles and it shows up big time when he’s angry.
    I love that pic of him reading!

  2. Tucker did the same thing: rolled from tummy to back a few times (could count on one hand) and didn’t do it again for weeks! Now he’s a pro, but sheesh! And Tucker’s stork bit him on the back of his head towed his neck… My brother had no idea what it was and was worried. Lol.
    Henry looks like a very serious reader. 😉 yay books!

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