See what I did there??

The adventures in baby food continue. We’re done with bananas at the moment. No allergies, so we’re in the clear there. They were starting to make King Henry a touch constipated though, and even the slightest exertion on his part and his day is ruined. Chris bought 3 huge, beautiful avocados, so I decided that would be his next food.


Yeah, not so much. He wasn’t just disgusted, he was piiiiiiiissssed that I dare offend his senses in such an abhorrent manner.

I’m going to try out some more foods: sweet potato next, pears, and butternut squash. After he’s introduced to those with no allergies, I’ll start making some mixed concoctions. Maybe I can hide the avocado in some banana or something. This real food thing is kind of overwhelming, but fun. I really enjoy making it for him.

Teething is also a major thing going on right now. Last night, he cried more than he has since he exited my womb. I’ve never dealt with a Henry that couldn’t be soothed by a bottle or snuggles (one of the two always does the trick) and I never let him cry more than 30 seconds if I can help it. So to say my nerves were frayed would be an understatement. He also wouldn’t take the teether, but that’s because he was at that point-of-no-return kinda mad. I’d waited too long to offer it to him. My husband got home with food and took the baby. He told me to go eat and he’d cuddle Henry. The baby stopped crying immediately. He put his hands in his mouth and watched TV on dad’s lap.


This made me start crying, feeling like I’m an awful mom and the baby just hates me. It was at that moment that Henry looked over at me and gave me a huge grin. Ok, ok, he loves me. Chris reassured me that I’m doing an excellent job (I married the sweetest man in the world), and the rest of the evening was uneventful. In fact, all of the crying helped Henry sleep 12 hours (!!!) last night.

My friend Derek dropped by this morning to give us gifts from his mom. One of the gifts was a stuffed turtle that I have given the moniker “Squirtle” because why not give the baby some hard words to learn? Henry loves this thing. He’s got the baby vice grip on its back right now. I tried to take it away during his nap. No. Not going to happen.

henryturtleGetting our money’s worth out of that Easter onesie. Don’t judge.

And lastly, I can’t forget a major milestone achieved yesterday. Henry rolled over from his tummy to his back. Yep. The kid hates tummy time, so he’s figured out a way to never have to do it again. Smart boy. I’m so proud.



4 thoughts on “Avocadon’t

  1. Wow. That seems so early for rolling over. And proper solid food for that matter. Clearly he’s very advanced and brilliant and going to be a total prodigy! Which would make you THE BEST mother ever in the whole world.

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