My baby is growing up.

For the past few days, Henry has been waking up from his naps just SCREAMING! At first I thought it was teething since he has a tooth cutting right now. But, I quickly learned it was just hunger. He would down a full bottle like mommy drinking wine (your supposed to drink a half a bottle at once, right?) Anyway, after my mom witnessed it yesterday, she told me to give him a little cereal in his bottle. Yeah, did nothing. Then she told me to give him a little banana. I hesitated and then decided to call his pediatrician. The doc said 4 months old is when he likes to start introducing solids and Henry is showing all the signs of being ready, so go for it. I smashed up half a banana and fed it to him with my finger (we didn’t have the baby-feeding supplies yet). He ate all of it and was reaching out for more.

This morning, I made him his first little puree that consists of a full banana, baby cereal, and formula.

First, I mashed the banana up in our food processor:

bananamixThen I added two tablespoons of baby cereal and 4 liquid ounces of formula:

bananapureeIt should be apple sauce consistency, and this was except there were lumps of banana still. Next time, I’m going to mash a little bit longer.

This made six 1-ounce servings, so I divvied it up into little containers. I popped two in the fridge for today and the rest in the freezer for later.

bananaservingsSince we don’t have a high chair yet, I stripped him down to a diaper and put him in his Bumbo chair. He ate a full container (ok, about a quarter of it ended up on his face) and seemed to enjoy it. When I’d pull the spoon out, he’d get pissed until I gave him more, if that’s any indication.


henrybanana2This is a huge milestone for the baby, but also for me. Feeding Henry has been such an area of strife for me since he was born. Now that he’s moving onto real food, I feel relieved. I’m also excited to make all of his food. Have you ever tasted the canned baby food? It doesn’t even taste like what it’s supposed to be. Unless carrots are supposed to taste like poop. Making the food will be a breeze with our food processor.  I’ll make sure to post some good recipes as I come across them and test them on baby.

He’s growing up too damn fast.


2 thoughts on “My baby is growing up.

  1. I’ve already picked out a baby food processor thing with a built in bottle warmer and steriliser. My husband has been told that someone had better get it for me. The bit I’m most excited about is growing the food to mash up in it!

    • I love those things! We didn’t get one because I already have so many appliances! That’s so cool you’re going to grow your own food. You are gonna be a great mommy.

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