Dear Henry

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted. I thought for sure I had written something in the past two weeks. Turns out that I have, I just haven’t pressed “publish” on any of them. I’ll get to that eventually. Time is really going by fast, you guys.

Dear Henry,

Congrats! You’re 3 months old today, one day shy of 14 weeks, and you are growing in leaps and bounds.


To put into words how much joy you bring into the lives of mine and your dad’s is impossible. You are hilarious and keep us laughing constantly. Every day, you greet with a smile, and you end it on the same note. For the past couple weeks, you don’t even need to be rocked to sleep. We wrap you up nice and tight and you smile at us really big. Then we kiss your head and tell you we love you and within 10 minutes, you’re far away in baby dream land. As far as healthy sleep habits go, this is wonderful (and makes bed time so easy for your weary mama). But a part of me misses rocking my baby to sleep every night. So, whenever you need me to do that, I’m ready and willing. And thanks for letting me rock you to sleep every other nap or so. I appreciate it.

henrywakingupWaking up from a morning nap. You weren’t crying, it’s just that clogged tear duct that is finally starting to go away.

Taking after your father, you talk a lot. By talking, I of course mean that you babble and coo. A lot. I love leaving you on your play mat or bouncer and just listening to you talk and talk while I clean the house. The other day, you talked yourself to sleep during one of your many day time naps. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to get a word in edgewise between you two.

You’ve been a smiley baby for a while now, but last night, we heard your first genuine giggles. Your daddy was playing with you and all of the sudden, a real belly laugh. That, in turn, made your dad and I crack up. This came on the tail end of a day with family in which you didn’t get your normally scheduled naps in your beloved swing and were pretty cranky. In the midst of all that, daddy was able to make you laugh. You’re so sweet.

henrysmileTHAT. FACE. You were so happy to be sitting up on your own.

henrybabybuntingModeling a baby bunting and hat made by our dear friend Melanie. You like it!

Physically, I’d guess you’re a solid 12 pounds by now, maybe a little less. You’re starting to teethe, which has decreased your appetite a little and increased your drool by a ton. I wouldn’t be surprised if you cut your first tooth in the next couple months. You hate tummy time on the floor, but L-O-V-E tummy time on mommy’s chest. I was getting worried that you weren’t holding your head up during floor time very well. My worries were squelched when I placed you on my chest instead and you did a full on baby push up and held that head up 90 degrees. King Henry doesn’t do the floor you guys. I should have known better since you sit straight up, sometimes with little help from us, keeping that little head and neck straight.

Some other things of note:

You love watching TV and having books read to you.

henrySNLWatching SNL. No, we didn’t let you stay up late, it was on Hulu the next day. Maybe someday.

You have my brown eyes. (Still your dad’s clone though)

You are a really good sport and put up with a lot of crap from your parents (ie mom dressing you up and taking a bazillion pictures or placing you in a newly purchased baby tub for several minutes to see if you’d like it…fully clothed and all).

You love looking at yourself in the mirror or in my phone. Very cheap entertainment.

You love to stand on those strong little legs of yours. Maybe you plan on skipping crawling and going straight to walking?

henrystandingThis is how you make us hold you a majority of the time now. On your feet. The rest of the time, you have to be sitting up straight.

There’s so much more, but I’ll leave it here and post the rest in your baby book. But one last thing. Every time you see your mom or dad, you smile at us. With all the stress of life and money and other unimportant crap, those smiles when you see us makes it all worth it. I’d be going back to work now if I’d chosen to continue working, and I can’t even imagine that. I’m where I’m supposed to be now.


With you.




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