Blood, tears, and vaccinations.

Oh man. What a morning.

Henry had his two month check up, which also meant his first round of vaccinations. He slept GREAT last night, from 9 – 4. Then I put him back in his bassinet because he was ready to PART-AY, and did not want anything to do with me trying to rock him back to sleep. I listened to him coo and babble to himself before he fell asleep again. At around 6, I put him in his swing and he slept again until almost 9 am. His doctor’s appointment was at 10, so I was able to quickly feed him (he didn’t eat very much at all) and get him dressed. At the doc’s office, he was in the BEST mood. He laid on that table patiently just smiling and laughing and kicking his little legs.

164478_10100298320415407_648123525_nSweet sleep. I have no idea what’s in store for me today.

The pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health, even using the word “perfect.” He’s now 11 lb 4 oz and 21.5″ tall. The doc told me that he has advanced motor skills, more on the level of a 4 month old! He’s also got exceptional muscle tone, hence the super motor skills. It must be all the red meat and eggs I craved during my pregnancy.

539524_10100298374067887_2127631272_nIf I’m really sweet, you won’t stick those needles into my thighs, right?

Then the shots came. He was smiling at the nurse really big and then BAM! Shot and screaming and tears. The first shot made him bleed! I had this overwhelming urge to just grab him and run away at that point, but I just rubbed his head and told him he was alright. My mom came with me and we were both in tears by the time the nurses left.

He was crying like I’d never heard before. Usually he whines and cries when he’s sleepy or hungry. This was loud, and shrill, and “it hurts!” BAH! To think I have to do it again in 2 months.

65591_10100298407730427_295797512_nNot. Happy.

Then when we got home, he finally ate a decent amount and proceeded to have a blowout on my lap. I mean, like ON MY LAP. I really didn’t mind though. It’s all washable. The bigger concern for me was still Henry. After the blowout, I put him on his mat and he was  back to normal. Back to smiles, laughing, and getting the monkey. (Here is another monkey video I took a couple days ago. I couldn’t help myself).

Yeah, I know. I need to get over thicker skin. He’s got years of bumps and scrapes and bruises ahead of him. It’s a part of childhood and I don’t want to keep him from doing things just because he might get a little hurt. That’s no fun. Mommy may need some Xanax, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Being a parent is hard. Really hard. But oh so worth it.


5 thoughts on “Blood, tears, and vaccinations.

  1. Funny. I have a vaccination post in the works! H just had his yesterday and oh my, so heart breaking. As the doctor told me over and over, it’s much harder on the mama than it is on the babe. Glad Henry is so happy and healthy!

  2. Yeah, we had Tucker’s 4-mo vacs yesterday… and same story… flirting with the nurse, giggling and laughing, then ouch! And my kid has never been that shade of red before (not even for his PKU or 2-mo vacs). It took a few minutes of cuddling to calm him down. Poor guys.

  3. Awww… poor Henry. At least you’re a parent who undertsands the importance of immunistation! Everyone I know with littlies swears by giving them a dose of baby panadol before they get needles. Doesn’t hurt them as much then. But sounds like Henry is pretty tough and got over it like a champion anyway!

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