Routine crazy.

A friend of mine recently had a baby and she’s asked me about my daily routine. This is something I’ve been trying really hard to set up for baby and me. Not only because it’s just a good idea, but also for my sanity. After being employed my entire adult life, I got used to getting up every day at a certain time, following a morning routine, doing the work thing (which involves all kinds of routine), then the night time/bed time routine. When Henry came along and I became a stay-at-home mom for the foreseeable future, all of my routines are kaput.

Henry sets the day time routine. He is awake more, but he still naps. A lot. Routine is usually diaper change, eat, play/sing/whatever, nap. Repeat. He even poops at the same time every day. TMI? Sorry. Anyway, this helps me plan my day, which is great. I know when I can take a shower, make breakfast, fold laundry, write blogs, venture out into the daylight, etc.  I also get him out of jammies and dress him in “day” clothes, so that becomes a part of the whole thing. This is making me sound a little neurotic, huh? Hmm.

I might be cray, but I can tell that having a routine is paying off already. Yesterday, I decided to pack up and go spend the day at my mom’s house. I just needed to get out of the house and she has cable. I got all caught up on season 2 of Girls on HBO and Henry got some much needed Grandma cuddle time in. He took a couple naps on her bed, but by around 2 o’clock, I could tell he was not enjoying his slight break in routine. I suspected he really missed his beloved play mat and swing. As soon as we got home, I put him straight into his swing and he passed out immediately and slept for a long time. A really long time.

henrygmabedOn Grandma’s comfy bed.

By the time he woke up that evening, he was really fussy. He ate a lot longer (and more) than usual, but was still really fussy. Not crying, just restless. By around 8:30 pm, I decided I was going to give him his bath early. Usually, I start bath/bed routine at around 9 or 9:30 and he’s passed out by 10 pm. As soon as I got that baby undressed, it was like he knew it was bath time. He stopped fussing immediately. Henry loves bath time (I think I’ve mentioned that a gazillion times) and I love giving him baths. It’s honestly my favorite time of the day.

We have the Puj tub that we set in the kitchen sink. It has magnets on it that allow it to fold up into a tub, then breaks down and sticks to the side of the washing machine (or you can hang it somewhere). I am not getting reimbursed anything for this endorsement (duh), but I like to give props on cool products when I find them.

pujMy kitchen sink set up. Another plus? Daddy does all the dishes and cleans the sink each night now. Double score.

The last routine of the day is jammie time. It’s why I don’t keep him in jams all day, even though practically speaking it wouldn’t make a difference right now. I put him in his PJ’s, pop a pacifier in his mouth, turn on the humidifier and Sleep Sheep (rain is his favorite setting right now), turn down the lights, and within 10 minutes, he’s down for the count. Oh, I also give him a little bit of gas drops before bed too. It really helps (I think). He’s sleeping about 5-6 hours before he wakes up demanding to be fed. Improvement already!

henrybathHappy, wet baby, pre-jammies.


4 thoughts on “Routine crazy.

  1. Routines are great, and they can help you and your child(ren) feel a sense of what to expect every day. 🙂 Sounds like things are wonderful. And your little one is adorable! xx

  2. It took me a looooong time to get my munchkin into a routine (my fault, not his). In the beginning, I didn’t really feel a need for it because he was sleeping well at night; but once we did set up a schedule, I found that naps magically became so. much. easier. I am definately on the scheduling bandwagon now!

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  4. AH! I am not writing this to tell you it will all fall apart… I really hope it doesn’t for you! Some babes are good and consistent and I hope Henry is one of them! My little H was in a routine that sounds exactly like yours. Then he hit 12 weeks and BLAM, he stopped sleeping at night. Dammit. He was so good! It never took me more than 10 mins to get him down. Now it takes me an hour and a half! Especially crappy when J doesn’t get home until 8 and I’ve already started the bathtime/bedtime routine. Before we could have dinner together and chat for a bit before bed, but now J is usually passed out on the couch by the time H is down for the count. I dread getting H into his own room next month, but at the same time I think it will be better for my relationship with his daddy-o.

    H also loves bathtime! We have the same towel Henry is wrapped up in, btw 🙂 We have a larger tub and now that little mister has more control over his arms and legs his favourite thing to do is kick and trash around, smiling all the while. I end up looking like I’ve taken a shower. It’s the cutest. Sigh. I loves him.

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