Another one.

Some business items first: I need to redesign my blog. It’s driving me nuts. Also, I might move to Blogger. I will let all three of you know when/if I do. Either way, there might be a lack of blogs for a few days.

What’s on my mind today:

Henry isn’t even into size 1 diapers yet and I’m already thinking about baby numero dos. Chris and I want two kids, but the question is when? I know it would be within three years maximum (before 35). One part of me (the part that hates myself, maybe?) wants to have the kids really close in age. That would mean getting pregnant again later this year or early next. Another part wants me to get one kid out of diapers first. Decisions, decisions. I’m interested to hear perspectives from moms who have kids close together or further apart.

I really love being a mom and also, who wouldn’t want two of these?



Old man swagger.


9 thoughts on “Another one.

  1. Bette feels that kids who grow up closer together in age are way better off. Her example, of course, is Bobbie and Blair’s dismal relationship.

  2. We’re having the same debate over here… Joe is all gung ho to start trying this summer whereas I feel like we should be thinking about things such as our finances and maybe tying the knot! On the other hand, I would like them to be really close together. My absolute max would also be 3 years, but for the kids’ sake I’d like it to be closer. I just don’t think we’re ready… I say if you’re stable financially and romantically then go for it! Just my 2 cents.

    Also, why Blogger? I moved from Blogger.

  3. The only experience I have with kids really close in age is my sister and I. I’m fairly certain two boys or a boy and a girl would be completely different than two girls. Apart from never getting a moments peace in my entire childhood I know my Mum recommends it. She said it was a thousand times easier than organising a four year old and a newborn which she did with my older siblings. I told my husband I’d either like two together or two really far apart. But after the last few weeks I’m not entirely sure I want to do this at all again.

    • Oh Lisa, you’ll forget all about that as soon as you have your baby. Shoot, I swore I’d never have another kid when I was in labor, but now that’s out the window. I forgot all the pain I guess. I need to remind myself…

  4. I’m currently pregnant and over Christmas, my boyfriend’s family wanted to voice their opinions about when is a good time to have a second. There are two women in his family who are 2 years apart in age (one is an aunt by marriage and one is my boyfriend’s older sister) – both have small children. I thought their advice was funny because they both said the same thing: “her way is insane, my way awesome.” One had kids back to back and one waited about 3 years between each. His sister, with her kids spread apart, thought it was great because the older kid can help you if you need it (getting a snack when you’re tired and pregnant, “playing” with the baby, etc.). The aunt, with her kids so close in age, thought it was ideal because you’re still in a similar mindset for each. It sounds like to me – it’s whatever is good for you! Good luck with whatever you choose!

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