And I’m feeling good.

I’m feeling great lately. Like, really and truly great. I’m not as tired (the lack of tears helps), I’m getting out of the house more, I’m not in any pain, and I have the sweetest baby, most awesome husband, and terrific family. I’m being for real. I’m so happy.

After a few rough, emotional days, I perked up and got my act together. I have this beautiful baby that I get to raise, and that’s my focus. Everything else is secondary. Coming to that realization has been freeing. I am now just enjoying every second I have with him instead of obsessing over what I can’t control.

I’ve said it before, but I am so lucky to have my mom nearby. She only works two days a week, so the rest of the time she is eager to come over and see her grand baby. Chris and I were able to go to the mall Sunday AM alone. We sampled fro yo, shopped for Henry (of course), and bought a smoothie. It was so nice to just be with him like we were BH (before Henry). But we couldn’t wait to get home to our baby. Especially because grandma got the diaper explosion on her watch. Grandma also pops around sporadically to give me a break and watch Downton Abbey. During her visit yesterday, I was able to take a long bath. When I got out, she’d fed the baby and started making me a meatloaf. I’m getting (even more) spoiled.

Another upside to feeling more human: more stuff is getting done around the house. The other night, I was able to tackle the giant pile of clean laundry that we never put away (basically everything we own was in this pile) and fold and put up. I felt so accomplished. Honestly, I think I slept better the last few nights because of it. That pile haunted me.

On Monday I had a couple hilarious friends stop by with food. I didn’t want them to leave. Adult conversation during business hours is rare for me lately. If I’m not singing a song or talking baby speak to Henry, then I’m not talking. After, I got to go to my OB for my annual exam. Yay! Ok, not yay. I must have been craving more adult convo time, because most of the appointment was spent yapping to both the doctor and the nurse about anything and everything. The doc shares my same affinity for cheese, so that’s good. Then she stuck a speculum up there and I didn’t like her as much anymore.

Oblig baby photo:


I’m placing my bets that those peepers are gonna be brown.


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