Sleep (or the lack thereof)

Ya know what I miss?


I haven’t really slept since I was induced at the hospital on December 16. Yes, I remember the last day I felt rested. It’s all worth it, of course, but the exhaustion is kind of shocking.

I love Shan’s recent blog post about how she sleeps on the floor just so she can get some consecutive sleep. I’ll admit — if it worked for me, I’d do it too. The other night, Henry slept from 10 – 6. Straight. I freaked out, then I jumped for joy! Then he didn’t do that again last night. I got up, changed his diaper, fed him, and laid down. He was still fussy, so I placed him next to me in the bed. He passed out immediately. I am going try to not make that a habit.

Alright, I know that new mom’s are supposed to be tired. I’ll stop complaining about it (today).

Here’s something interesting: I got to leave my house yesterday sans baby! My mom lives very nearby and practically begs to babysit for me. She really wants to have him spend the night and when I remind her that he’s not sleeping through the night yet, she changes her tune for the moment. Anyway, she came over and watched the Mouse while I went to lunch with some friends of mine that I used to work with. When I came home, Henry was still asleep and she was baking cookies. She told me to go take a nap while she baked and watched Downton Abbey. I was so shocked that I got maybe about 10 minutes of actual sleep. It was still really great, not gonna lie.

Next week, I am getting my hair done thanks to my babysitter. I have not had it dyed since before I found out I was pregnant. The gray hairs are out of control and need to be covered with chemicals immediately. Hopefully it will help me feel like less of a frumpy housewife. My self esteem hasn’t been at its highest lately.

I need a major pick me up. I don’t know if it’s the beginnings of postpartum depression (I really hope not) or what, but I’m really hard on myself these days. I need to take a chill pill, or a real pill perhaps, and cut myself some slack. Any ideas from other mommies on how to do that?

henrycouchRelax, mom. I’m fine. 



7 thoughts on “Sleep (or the lack thereof)

  1. My mom was the same way: insisting I get outta the house alone. So that will help. Granted when I go out on my own, it’s to the grocery store or doctor. Someday I’ll get my eyebrows done.

      • His work schedule is more strict than mine. But yes he’s here to give me little breaks and some extra sleep in the morning. Being a work from home mom is really tough. Especially with an infant. Jason can only do so much, you know? I do a lot of work with my laptop perched precariously on the nursing pillow. It’s hard to juggle everything. We need to revisit routine 101. 🙂

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