The days of my life.

Just a quick update on what’s been going on. Brace yourselves. It gets crazy. Ok, not really.

  • Thanksgiving happened and that was fun. I was really worn down all day, but I chalked that up to being so pregnant.
  • The next morning I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Uh oh. We all know what that means. I immediately started drinking tons of fluids and taking Emergen-C to heed off a cold. It didn’t work. The cold still happened.
  • It sucks having a bad cold and being pregnant, just FYI. I had an OB appt today, but canceled because I don’t want to leave the house. I left the house yesterday and the cold, dry air really messed with my lungs and sent me down a spiral of hacking and dizziness. I left a message with the nurse to call me back and tell me what kind of drugs I can take (preferably ones that help me sleep). She called back and told me no Emergen-C but laughed when I told her too late. No biggie, just not recommended by her office. Oops. Baby is still disco dancing in my uterus, so I’m not worried.
  • I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I’ve been watching a lot of football with my husband (and kinda liking it) and also becoming slightly obsessed with the Star Wars movies.
  • I am almost 37 weeks pregnant, which is full term. Scary. We’ve still got a few things to get like a breast pump (really leaning toward the Hygeia, since it’s come so highly recommended by my doctor and my mother-in-law the nurse), and some nursing bras (thanks to Tamara for reminding me I need those), and some other little things. We’re pretty much all set up here with everything else. And baby clothes? He is set until he’s one. It’s kinda crazy. And I keep buying them, so I am also crazy.

Here’s one pile. There’s a lot more. Our mothers cleaned out a Carter’s or two.

  • Blood sugar is still good. Still annoyed at having to poke myself four times a day.

7 thoughts on “The days of my life.

  1. Awwww…baby clothes!!! We aren’t preggers yet (obv.) and The Hubs has officially started looking at the cute baby clothes as we pass them in Wal Mart. He even has opinions about the type of dresses his daughter (assuming) will be allowed to wear. He’s looking at party dresses for a like 2 yr old btw and saying “that’s too short!”. I just roll my eyes and remind him that kids tend to be a bit shorter at that age too…

    I hope your cold gets better!

    • Thanks! My husband always gravitated toward the boy clothes and I always bee lined to the girls. Hopefully for the next one, I can go broke buying frilly dresses and patent leather shoes.

  2. Baby girl clothes are so friggen cute! But I love my boy and he’s got some cute stuffs too…

    If you don’t have any Aden and Anais swaddling cloths or Swaddle Me thingies I highly recommend those. At various times they have rescued me from yet another sleepless night. They are kinda stupid expensive but worth it in the end. Fortunately I received them as gifts at my shower.

    Having a cold while pregnant is the devil. I basically kept Tylenol (children’s because I couldn’t find any regular strength at the drug store, go figure) and Vicks Vapo Rub by my bedside. I practically shoved the stuff up my nose (the Vicks, not the Tylenol) and wore it as war paint. That was the only way to get relief. Oh, and I know you’re not worried, but Emergen-C was actually recommended by my midwives as an immune booster and to help with the swelling and my baby is just fine! I lived on that stuff at the end.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thanks Shan! I did buy some Aden and Anais swaddling cloths a while ago. I’m telling you, we are set. It’s kinda crazy how much stuff we bought. And that’s awesome about Emergen-c. I love that crap. I’m still sick, but I think I would have been much worse without it. How are you?

      • I’m a lot better now that I’ve had sleep two nights in a row. Seriously, about 15 hours combined, which is probably what I’d achieved over the entirety of last week.

        Things are both happier and harder than I thought they would be. I was pretty traumatized by my birth experience and have had some pretty bad baby blues moments, but I know that it’s just hormones making it difficult to cope. So weird! People are wonderful though. I have a constant stream of family and friends trying to feed me and all I have to do in return is let them get in some baby cuddles.

        I should clarify, because it’s horrible to say to a pregnant woman that I was traumatized by my birth experience, it was the hospital policies and staff that traumatized me, not the actual birth. I had wonderful moments with the babe and friends and family in the hours and days following his birth.

        I told you I can’t shut up 😉

      • Haha no I appreciate the advice! I know none of it will be easy, but nothing in life worth it is. But we need more pics of your baby ASAP. Get on that.

  3. Oh, and you’re probably already decided, but I love my Medela Swing breast pump. It’s nice and compact and takes batteries so that I can bring it with me on the go. My supply is all wonky right now and I’m engorged every 2 hours so I’m trying not to pump at all, but if I were to go out without babes I’d have no choice. Be prepared, breast feeding is waaaaay harder than they say. I mean, everyone says it’s not easy, but they really don’t tell you how often you’ll be crying with pain and/or frustration. On the other hand, there is nothing more beautiful and no action more bonding. It’s a constant challenge, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just wish I’d been more prepared for it mentally.

    Aaaannnddd thus ends my two cents. Or two dollars. Apparently I can’t shut up.

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