My weekend in pictures.




Tiny nursery is almost done! 


I put this together myself. There were screws and everything!


Can you tell he’s excited to be a dad?


I put on makeup! I don’t look amused for some reason though. Probably because I feel like a beached whale…in makeup.


He’s really looking forward to carrying his baby around.


For a future project (or 2) that will be the subject of a blog (or 2) very soon. I LOVE THIS STUFF.


UGH. I guess I should finally fold this laundry. Yes, that’s my giant belly. I couldn’t angle it so it wasn’t in the pic. 

Other things I did that didn’t get pictures:

Pedicure (I was too relaxed to take a picture. I love the leg massage in particular.)

Watched Magic Mike with my husband. I didn’t think it would be awkward, and it wasn’t. He knows that ain’t my type. I like the baby-faced nerd type.


2 thoughts on “My weekend in pictures.

  1. Chris looks adorable and excited. SO cute! We aren’t even pregnant and my hubby keeps re-reading his you’re going to be a dad book and staring longingly at strollers in Wal-Mart.

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