Nesting mania.

The nesting has hit full force.

I’ve got around 7 more weeks until this baby comes, but I HAVE to have everything ready NOW NOW NOW. We’re almost there, too.

Our little nursery is turning out super cute and just how I imagined it. We aren’t 100% done yet, but here are a few pics.

Decals from Blik. Yoda still chillin’.

We got a dresser from a super sketch furniture liquidator place, but it was cheap and sturdy. It was too dark to get a decent shot of it, but you get the idea.

I love lamp.

These next two things I am actually pretty proud of. I’ve wanted some framed art in there but had no idea what to do on the cheap. So I got my creative juices flowing and bought some kraft wrapping paper ($4.99 from World Market) and got some  frames on sale. I then carefully cut out squares from each and aligned it how I wanted it to look with the matting.  The results are totally adorable in my humble opinion. These will go above the dresser when Chris has time to hang them up for me.

I also plan on using the rest of this paper to line the drawers. Another fun project for next weekend.

My mom put blood, sweat, and tears into a baby quilt for us. I love it so much. I look at it and get a little emotional because I helped pick out the pattern and fabrics back when baby was the size of a lima bean and I was still a nervous wreck. I remember feeling like I was jinxing things by even thinking about making a baby quilt. I think I even cried at Joann’s Fabrics, which was awkward. Now I’m sitting here on my bed, feeling him kick my kidneys, and I feel so blessed. So very, very lucky. A little bloated and sore, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I just can’t wait to wrap him up in it. It’s already got so much love in its stitches.


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