31 Weeks…

…and counting. I can’t believe I am in my 30’s. The next is the 40’s and then the baby is born at that point (or very soon after). AH!

We have the crib up and I love, love, love it. I got the crib I wanted (from my favorite place, Pottery Barn) courtesy of my mom and step-dad. Now, we get to decorate, and I am so excited about that. Who cares that baby Henry will have to share a room with our home office and bookshelf. He’ll learn about hard work and the importance of literature at an early age. He will have his own little cute area, which is more than enough for an infant who will have the rest of the household to dominate.

Here’s our crib!

My mom made that quilt on the side rail. I will post more about that next time.

I am down to visiting the OB every two weeks. At today’s very quick appointment, I was told I need to pick a pediatrician. I asked the doc if she had any recommendations. “They’re all good,” she replied. Umm, ok. So I’ll just pick one at random and make sure they take my husband’s insurance. Easy enough. Don’t worry, I’m kidding. I know it’s an important decision. Just one I have no energy for right now.

I’ve only gained 15 pounds total so far. I am totally proud of myself for that since 4 pounds we know is baby and a few more is fluids. I still feel like a total land monster, but I like that after I give birth I will be less of a land monster. A mini land monster.

Henry is still moving around there like crazy and doing so more and more in the middle of the night. Last night, I woke up at 3 to use the bathroom and by the time I crawled back in bed, he was up and ready for action. It took me two hours to fall back asleep. I laid in bed and just talked him about stuff. I might have been exhausted, but I was just enjoying this time when it’s just the two of us. Feeling him move, while sometimes extremely uncomfortable, is also the best feeling in the world.

I’ll miss it after he’s born, I think.


5 thoughts on “31 Weeks…

  1. Our crib bedding is from Pottery Barn and I love love love it! I wanted to register there but felt too guilty about it because it’s so expensive… so pretty though. My little H is still managing to move around in there like a ninja. I have no idea how since he’s about 8lbs already and they say there’s less movement at this point! It hurts but it definitely makes me giggle to watch my belly transform from round to square to triangular. 🙂 Enjoy these days!

    • First of all, I can’t wait to see that baby of yours! Soon!
      Second, we got our bedding from Pottery Barn too! Which set did you get? It took me forever to decide since I loved them all. I changed it a few times before I went with Monkeys.

      • We got the Bradley set. It’s one of the organic lines. Lions, elephants and giraffes. I love it!!!!!! I can’t wait to see this babe either. I’m currently waiting to see my doc and I hope he’s got an eviction notice for little H here… because he’s not so little. I jut came from an ultrasound where they estimated him to be 9lbs 11oz! I’m so friggen terrified right now!

      • Wow! Time to get out, baby H! I love the Bradley line. We almost went with it too!

        Also, I was just told by my phone that I am 32 weeks along, not 31. So obviously I am losing count.

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