Weddings, fun, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus full of tranquilizers today. I actually slept until almost 10 am (which is really late for me). Then my wonderful husband got us breakfast burritos at Weck’s, a fabulous New Mexico eatery. After I ate, I went back to sleep until 3 pm. Let me just reiterate that I NEVER SLEEP THAT MUCH. I honestly don’t think I even slept that much in college.

Yesterday, I got up early to get a hair cut (no hair color yet — even though my roots and gray hairs are screaming for help). We were heading to Santa Fe for my friend Julie’s wedding in the afternoon, so I had some time when I got home to get ready. I passed out on the couch. Mouth wide open, drooling, the whole nine. Chris had to shake me awake so I could get dressed.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we were placed at a table of really fun people. Incidentally, everyone at the table were huge dog lovers and at one point, we all whipped out our cell phones and passed around pictures of our pups. We spent the whole night laughing and talking. My feet were killing me so I sat most of the night, but wow, was the wedding a party. Anyone who knows me knows I love to dance. I would glance over to the packed dance floor with envy. At one point after the cake cutting, my right leg went numb. I looked down at my feet and they were double the size they were just minutes earlier. Cue to leave.

I think it was too much fun for my preggo body. Henry was all, “Hey jerks, I was trying to sleep but that Earth, Wind, and Fire made that extremely difficult! Now you will pay!”

This song also made a cameo at our September wedding. Henry will learn to love it.

Anyway, I’m still exhausted now, so I have no worries about bedtime. I read online that at 27 weeks pregnant, many women get extreme fatigue. Totally normal and annoying pregnancy symptom.

Highlight: Chris with a cut out of the Duke. The bride’s father is a big John Wayne fan, and they had this fun cut out and props. We were the first to partake, of course.

I love this man so much! The one on the right, I mean.

In other baby-related news, we are starting to get his room all set up. My husband has been working diligently to get rid of a bunch of stuff in the second bedroom. He’s been nesting more than me. In a couple weeks, my in-laws are coming into town for the baby shower (eek!) and staying with us. I’m a freak about this place being spotless when guests are coming, so I want everything perfect. As soon as they leave, the guest bed gets taken out and the crib put in. My mom and step dad generously purchased our crib and mattress last week. I’m so excited to put it together and get everything set up.

I want some ice cream.


3 thoughts on “Weddings, fun, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  1. I want some ice cream! Best ending ever…and now I want ice cream. I feel this post had a distinct lack of cankle mentions though. 😉 Why can’t you tailor you’re life to my perverse sense of humor!? Geeze!

    • ha! I was backing down on the cankle references. Don’t want it to wear out its welcome. But let me tell you, the cankles have been full force and PAINFUL the past couple weeks.

      • I’m sorry they are so painful 😦 My rare cankle experiences tend to just look funny. Sometimes a little muscle cream gently massaged in will help.

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