Recovery weekend.

Sorry for the brief hiatus.

The stress of work and lack of sleep in general had me completely spent by Friday. I had majorly severe round ligament pain. I knew it wasn’t anything serious because it only hurt when I moved around and the baby was even more active in there than usual. His new favorite thing to kick is my bladder. Oh, and the cankles? I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Forget Cankle Town. This was like the Nation of Cankleton. It was not cute. So, I put myself on bed rest, forgoing other plans I had (including a much, much needed pedicure).

I took it easy, just watching movies with Chris and doing a little reading. I took a few warm baths, which really helped relax those muscles. Today, I feel much better. I can move around without pain, although there is a lingering soreness. If only I had one more day to get back to 100%.

At least my ankles look like ankles again.


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