Diaper head.

Our first diaper purchase. I actually think this is the first time I’ve bought diapers, ever. I’ve changed plenty of them during my babysitting/nanny days, but never actually purchased any.

So, this is at least a couple week’s worth, right?


You guys remember the Cabbage Patch Kids newborn dolls with the bald heads from the 80’s? I don’t know if they still make them now, but the ones in the 80’s had heads that smelled like “baby powder.” NO. They smelled exactly like Pampers. I opened the box and all kinds of childhood memories came flooding back. They must manufacture that plastic-sweet smell for many applications.

My head smells like diapers!

I promise that next time I’m at my mom’s house, I will grab my kindergarten class picture where I am holding my Cabbage Patch Kid and post it. It’s pretty ridiculous.



One thought on “Diaper head.

  1. I had two of the CPDs with hair (a boy and a girl) and their faces did smell like what you’ve described. I would also say that their hair smelled like shag carpet.

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