1) We had another ultrasound yesterday. Baby H is doing great and all of his measurements are right where they are supposed to be. He now weighs 1 pound 2 ounces, too. Crazy! The ultrasound tech was HILARIOUS. She had me and Chris in tears from laughing so hard. If only we could get her every time.  After Baby H flipped over on his tummy for the 5th time, she declared he’d had enough, so she was done. Little punk.

2) Oh, and she confirmed he is, indeed, a little boy. I couldn’t really tell from the ultrasound pics last time. Even though my OB confirmed with me when I pulled the photos out of my purse at the last appointment, I still wanted confirmation. Again.

3) We bought our first big stash of diapers. We plan on stockpiling as much as we can before December. I am also checking out cloth diapering. Either way, I’m going to be prepared.

4) Time for mind numbing Teen Mom and bed. I am beyond exhausted. Nothing new there.

5) Sorry for being boring. Here is a picture I drew of my dog, Quincy. On a Post-it.



2 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Love teen mom. I never make plans on my tuesdays!! 🙂 Congratulations on your boy! We are expecting #2 so if you wanna come sympathize with my impending roundness come on over and see me at http://www.birminghambell.com I love finding other preggos to keep up with! Finding everyone has posted something new in my wordpress reader is a real treat. I’ve even almost sworn completely off the facebook lol

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