Kenny Loggins and other thoughts.

Things have been pretty uneventful around here, so here’s some stuff.

1) Watching Caddyshack tonight, Chris asked me at the beginning who sang the theme song. I told him Kenny Loggins. “Kenny Loggins?” he asked. “Yep,” I replied.  Five minutes later as the opening credits reveal it was indeed Kenny Loggins, I hear from the other room, “Katy! It’s Kenny Loggins!”

I’m alright…

2) By the way, I want to write a movie and have Kenny Loggins do the soundtrack. It baffles me that he doesn’t do more theme songs now.


3) I’m a little disappointed that I am not craving more things in this pregnancy. I’m also sad that I don’t have a ravenous appetite (like I usually do when I’m not pregnant). Mainly because I wanted to have an excuse finally for eating all of the time. I’m crazy, I know. I’ll shut up now.

I wish I could, Gene Wilder. I wish I could.

4) Baby H is kicking a lot harder these days. Chris can feel him too (so he says) so that’s cool. The good news is he doesn’t move much in the middle of the night. Maybe he’ll be on a good sleep cycle! At least that’s what people have told me. Probably not true. But, it helps me sleep better now, so it’s still a win in my book.

5) Now that the Olympics are over, we feel a little lost. We don’t even flip through the channels. The TV just stays on the Gordon Ramsay channel. I mean FOX.  For serious though, I love him, but how many shows does the man need? Four, I guess.

You donkey! 

Yep. That’s all I got.


5 thoughts on “Kenny Loggins and other thoughts.

  1. Every time I hear the name Kenny Loggins I immediately think of the Hyperbole and a Half post about how Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas. I may have never laughed so hard as when I read that post…

    And my ravenous appetite appeared around week 25… so you might get it yet?

    • I know it’s such a dumb thing to complain about. I just don’t like being really hungry and then getting full fast. Takes the fun out of eating. I want to eat it ALL! ALLLLL!!!

      I’m going to look up the Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas right now.

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