After the craptastic day I had on Monday, I told my husband I was going to go to bed early so I wouldn’t be a bitch the next day. He said under his breath, “I don’t know if that will help, but…”

I laughed so hard, and as a result of his smart assedness and a good night’s sleep, the past couple days have been much better. I am 20 weeks pregnant today! The half way point! It’s a huge relief we made it this far. I almost didn’t believe the email I got from Baby Center announcing the milestone. I actually counted out the weeks on the calendar like a weirdo until my due date, and sure enough there are 20 weeks to go.

Apparently, baby boy is now the size of a banana, swallowing amniotic fluid, and making poop. The websites refer to it as “meconium,” but it’s poop.

I am finally showing, but still not brave enough to post a belly pic. I realized it wasn’t just fat when I couldn’t suck in anymore. Like, literally, as hard as I suck in, nothing moves. It’s just a round belly and it’s only going to get bigger. I’ll admit – I love it. Oh! And I got my first pair of maternity jeans today. They intimidate me and I don’t know why.

Onto my Olympic commentary of the day.

YAY USA Women’s Gymnastics! I love those girls. They epitomize teamwork to me and boy, are they amazing. So fun to watch. I cried like a hormonal pregnant woman when they won the team gold last night. Not only did they win, they smoked the competition. Take that, Russia and Romania!

“We’ve achieved more before 18 than most people will in their entire lives! We also have extremely muscular thighs!”

By the way, I am still the mayor of Cankle Town. I guess I have a few months left in office. I will not be running for a second term. For a while, anyway.



8 thoughts on “Halfway.

  1. I love how many of your posts are tagged ‘bitchfest’… I have a few that should have been tagged that too!

    Congrats on the halfway point! Feels like it takes forever to get there, and then man does time fly. 🙂

    • Ha, yeah I feel like I do a lot of bitching, so it’s only appropriate to label it correctly. And thank you! I hope time does fly to December. Not only because of the baby, but also because it’s so hot in New Mexico.

      • Meh, me too. Maybe I should be more honest… In 2006 I decided it would be a brilliant idea to do a road trip through the southwestern US in August… yeah. On top of the massive heat I ended up getting food poisoning too… painful.

        For some reason Toronto hasn’t go the memo this year that it resides in the land of ice and snow. I had to be preggers the summer we break the heat record every day. Le sigh. I don’t know what exactly it’s like in New Mexico, but at least when I lived in California it was dry heat in the summer… humidity is killer.

      • That is so true. I grew up in FL, and I would spend all year in dry heat over one summer in that humidity. New Mexico is super dry heat and we have refrigerated air (as opposed to crappy swamp coolers that so many homes here have), so I shouldn’t complain too much (but I will anyway!)

  2. Yeah!!! Another cankle town reference! you have no idea how much I love you for that!
    And go team USA gymnastic girls! I wanted to watch that so bad…but hubby was home and got control of the remote. I’m waiting until he falls asleep to wrangle the remote from his unconscious hands and hope to catch replays. Gymnastics is my fave! and hey! No pink uniforms!!! Maybe somebody got my memo 😛

    • Haha cankle town is my new favorite phrase. I even have a song for it. Actually it’s just the Justin Timberlake SNL skit “bring it on down to Omeletteville” song, but with Cankle Town instead.

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