A little perspective.

Today was another craptastic day. But, instead of going through it and sounding like a whiny baby, I’m going to try to write about something interesting. I want to stay authentic on my blog, no matter how it makes me look, but with all of the complaining recently, I don’t want people to think I’m a broody, depressed chick. I’m really not. It just happened to be one of those days where everything went wrong. And pregnant or not, it sucked. Hard.

I will just say that I spent too much time crying in the women’s restroom.

With that said, I know I am very blessed with many things and I need to focus on that. Change the things I can, and let go of the rest. Much easier said than done, but it’s necessary. Especially because I have a precious baby boy on the way.

I had my first baby dream last night! I picked up my baby, and he was a big boy, and just held him. In my dream, I became overwhelmed with emotion and just stood there holding him and feeling so…amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Chris and I were trying to get pregnant for almost a year before this pregnancy (including the miscarriage). Needless to say, this baby is very wanted. So, despite all the bitching, I am so so so happy. I feel the baby moving around (probably telling me to calm the eff down) and it brings everything back into perspective.

Oh, so about the Olympics. Did anyone see the women’s gymnastics last night? If not, stop reading now. Unless you don’t care, in which case, please keep reading.

I was so sad for Jordyn Wieber, who is the all around world champion, when she got bumped from competing for the Olympic all around title. There is some new rule that only two people from each country can compete for all around. She got beat out from a dark horse teammate, who no one expected to really do anything, I guess, based on commentary. Poor Jordyn immediately burst into tears. What was really awkward was when the NBC reporter cornered the two teammates who did make it who were obviously elated, and Jordyn is immediately behind them on camera trying to breathe through the sobs. She’s 17, she can make it happen again. The new rule still kinda sucks though, right?


Also loved: synchronized diving. The Americans were adorable and were THRILLED to get a silver medal. You never see athletes thrilled for silver, do you? Michael Phelps and team sure looked like someone boiled their bunnies. I think it’s a pretty amazing feat, but then again I’m not a super competitive athlete.

How cute are they?

I think I will train for speed walking (aka race walking) in the 2016 Rio Olympics. It’s a real thing.


3 thoughts on “A little perspective.

  1. Only Americans get overjoyed about a silver metal and the rest of the world thinks we’re nuts for it. I had one Canadian lady get mad (during the ’10 vancouver olympics) because some american skier took silver and a Canadian took gold and the americans were jumping around and being all happy. She thought they were showing off and stealing the spotlight from the gold medalist. I think nothing was stopping the gold medalist from jumping around like a fool along with them. They ALL just won medals. Geeze. At that point- who cares? You won at the olympics!!!

    • I know, right? It’s a huge honor just to make it there. I get how losing can be a disappointment, but silver and bronze is not losing. You get put up on a pedestal and get a giant medal to display to us regular losers proving how much better you are! I’d take it.

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