It’s a…


The ultrasound tech was doing her anatomy checks, looking at the brain, heart, limbs, whatever else she checks out, and Chris and I were looking at the screen, but also chatting a little. Then the tech blurted out, “Oh yeah, that’s a boy.” We both gasped and then said, “REALLY?” in unison. Then I started to cry, I was so happy. I have a little boy. A baby boy! A son! It really was an amazing feeling. One I will never, ever forget.

Even though I just knew it was a girl, and really wanted a little girl, I can’t imagine being any happier now. To top it off, the doctor came in and told me everything looks perfect, and that’s all that really matters. I just feel really lucky and blessed right now.

They also decided to give me another OB checkup for no reason. That kind of annoyed me. I was scared to be weighed, honestly.  This week alone I’ve had a double cheeseburger with fries one night, pizza one night, another giant bacon cheeseburger another night…but get this, I’ve lost 3 pounds since last month. I honestly have NO IDEA how this is happening. The doctor actually asked me why I was losing and I told him the only thing I can think of is all the running around I do at work and I get full so fast when I eat. And I’m not craving sweets. Sugar goes right to my ass and I blame the Kitchen Aid we received as a wedding gift and my subsequent baking obsession for the 30 pound weight gain after we got married.

In (sorta) other news, pregnancy brain is only getting worse. I recently did this with the prenatals so I wouldn’t forget if I’d taken it or not:


Hey, it works.



8 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Hooray for baby boys! That sounds a lot like how I reacted… and then J had to go back to work, so I went back to my car alone, but then I had to sit there for 20 minutes until I’d stopped bawling.

    Congrats Katy 🙂

  2. Thanks!! I didn’t bawl (for once this entire pregnancy), I was mostly just giddy like crazy. I definitely did not want to go to work! It was extremely difficult concentrating for the rest of the day.

    • Haha. I bawled like a friggen baby… and I haven’t done that from happiness since… or before really! I couldn’t believe where the tears were coming from, but they were definitely happy ones. I don’t know why it changed so much for me (knowing -if he were a girl it would have been the same), but it just made it more real all of a sudden.

      • I totally agree! It got so real for me today. And it was just a huge sigh of relief. This is happening, I’m a mom. He is healthy, everything is all good. So many emotions at once!

  3. Yeah. *celebratory happy dance* so happy for you Katy! Now, will you go gender nuetral with the decorations or the blue the heck out of it?

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