7 things.

1) We went on a tour of the women’s hospital today where I’ll be delivering. Compared to other hospital maternity wards I’ve been in, it’s great. I’m about as excited as one can be to deliver a baby. Still terrified, though.

2) My wonderful, supportive mom and step-dad came with us and afterwards, made me a bacon cheese avocado burger for dinner. It was amazing. My mom also told me I looked like I lost weight. What a sweet little lie. She obviously didn’t notice my burgeoning cankles due to swelling. (Actually, she did notice.)

3) My mother-in-law has been texting me lately (this is very new). Today, she sent me a very sweet text and signed it, “Love, Mom.” I can’t even begin to express how much that meant to me. We’ve never had a bad relationship, but just…non-communicative. I’m glad that’s changing.

4) Work this week was beyond stressful and next week will be times 10. The silver lining: after next week, our trade show season is over and things will start to slow down. So looking forward to that.

5) A bit of advice. Don’t be assholes to pregnant women for no reason. The hormones are real. And you’ll either get physically hurt or feel like a dick when you make them cry. So just be nice.

6) Round ligament pain is no fun.

7) I got nothing else. I promise to be more interesting tomorrow.




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