Rage against the husband.

I know that many hormonal pregnant women can relate to this. Last night, I’m cuddling on the couch with my incredibly patient and sweet husband. All of the sudden, for zero reason, I was pissed off at him.

Me: I’m just gonna go sit on that side of the couch for a few minutes.

Chris: Why? Are you feeling ok?

Me: I just feel full of rage at you right now and want to slap you. Really hard.

Chris: (laughing) Alright then. Should I hide the knives?

Poor guy.



4 thoughts on “Rage against the husband.

  1. I don’t have anger against Jason, but little things he says or may do will set me off cryin. Any anger I have is usually against people outside of my immediate family. Ie pretty much anyone other than my husband or my parents will, in some way, end up pissing me off.

    • Well thankfully it’s only happened once and lasted only a couple seconds. He actually hasn’t made me cry yet but it seems like everything else has!

  2. Sounds like your man has a good sense of humour though! I laughed out loud at his response.

    I don’t so much have unexplained rage against my partner, but suddenly everything he does makes me want to strangle him. Except when he’s asleep and looks good enough to eat… but I know if I wake him up it won’t end well because then he’ll be awake and the strangling impulse will come back! lol. Oh 2nd trimester hormones!

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