Snoogle time.

In an act of desperation, I dropped $70 on a pregnancy pillow called the Snoogle. Dumb name, but let’s hope it works. I am a tummy sleeper, and being pregnant isn’t conducive to that obviously. After a week of barely no sleep, I had to try something. The regular body pillow does nothing for me. My dog loves it though, so not a complete waste of money (ok, it totally was).

Wish me luck! I hear good things about this from previously-preg ladies, so I’m excited.

And if it sucks, I have the receipt handy.

I re-wrote the post that I tried to publish last night. After I wrote it, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to share yet. So, as one of my friends pointed out, maybe it was meant to be. Thanks WordPress for not working, I guess!


6 thoughts on “Snoogle time.

  1. How do you like the Snoogle? Agreed, dumbest name ever, but this thing made all the difference for me. I think I will use it long after this babe is born. My partner is jealous of it… and my mom took a nap with it the other day and now tries to steal it whenever she’s around. 🙂

    • I love it! I slept almost all night (would have been all night if it wasn’t for the million trips to the bathroom). I can see how this will be really helpful as pregnancy progresses and joints start hurting more.

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