Five little fingers.

Ok, so the new design isn’t ready yet, but my wonderful husband promises this weekend. In the meantime, I’ve been dying to blog. So much going on!

I am now almost 4 months pregnant and squarely in my second trimester. Oh how I love the second trimester. I am finally feeling human again. The first trimester was all nausea and vomiting and worrying and crying. The past couple weeks, I still get nauseous a little but only after I eat, and my biggest symptoms are exhaustion and mood swings. I still cry a lot.

I’ve had 2 ultrasounds already. One at 11 weeks and one just last week. I will get one every month for the duration. Next up is the gender scan. Very excited for that one.

So why so many ultrasounds? Well, the first was for the first trimester screening for trisomy and down syndrome. Everything came out great, and we are at the lowest risk possible for both. Phew. But my thyroid levels, while in the normal range non-pregnant, we’re just a tad higher than this other doctor liked. My OB wasn’t so worried. Anyway, this new perinatologist has assured me everything is perfect (and with meds my thyroid level is now perfect too) but he likes to keep an eye on it every month. Some people might freak out about this, but I love it. I get to see the little Bean every month of its development.

I was worried my weight would be a factor and got a good lecture about weight gain from my OB. I was limited to 20 pounds for the whole 9 months. Both doctors are thrilled with me because I’ve gained 0.0 pounds so far. The nausea in the first trimester helped. Now, I get full so fast and nauseous as I eat so my portions are much smaller than they used to be. Let’s hope it stays that way. I really don’t want to gain anything but baby. But I’ve learned not to plan things too much because life and this baby do not care about my plans.

I’m really just going to enjoy this pregnancy and this time pre-baby. Everything is going to change drastically in a few short months, so I’m not rushing this pregnancy. The only thing I’ve really decided on so far is a girl’s name. The rest will come in time.

I don’t really want to post ultrasound pics, but I will post this corner of one. I loved the little hand with five perfect little fingers.

Oh! This little booger is moving like crazy in there. The techs and doctors in the room all get a kick out of it. My OB lovingly nicknamed it Stinker. And yes, I do feel it in there. Feels like little jumping beans.

Enough for now. A lot more to come.



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