Under construction.

I know I haven’t written anything in like 2 months, but to be honest, I am in the process of revamping the whole blog. I’m going to give it a real go, all professional-like. Chris is helping me with the design, and I’m already working on posts. 

I also found out I was pregnant in early April, and the last 2 months have been crazy! I’ve had all the regular morning sickness yuckiness (or all day sickness, rather), extreme exhaustion (like, hello 4 hour naps), and work has been really busy too. I am officially in my second trimester now, so hopefully I will start feeling better and I can get this thing off the ground in the next couple weeks. 

We were hesitant to share this info until the baby was born basically, but Chris and I have heard the heartbeat twice, and witnessed an extremely active little fetus in the last ultrasound, so I feel confident that everything is a-ok. We are really excited to welcome a little Kosek to the world in 6 short months. Eek!


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