My Silly Valentine.

There are so many reasons why I love Chris. We’ve been together 6 years, but he still surprises me. Here are some examples:

  • He came home tonight, with me asleep on the couch, feeling like poop. I immediately start crying because it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s not fair that I have to be sick when we should be doing something romantic. When he suggested he make me soup and I snapped that I didn’t want soup, he just hugged me and kissed me and said he’d make whatever I want. I stopped pouting because that’s what Valentine’s Day is about. That’s love.
  • He spoils the hell out of me. Did you know that Chris makes me lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY? He also throws in my afternoon oatmeal and fruit. It’s in my lunch bag, waiting by the door for me to grab on my way out.
  • He thinks I’m beautiful the way I am and has never asked me to change.
  • He likes my stupid sense of humor.
  • He’s the most reliable person I know.
  • Everyone who meets him, loves him.
  • It still blows my mind how crazy talented he is. He shows me stuff he’s working on, and I’m instantly proud and amazed.
  • He will be the BEST dad. He is the only person who will sit down in the yard and talk about leaves with my 6 year old niece for half an hour.
  • He loves me. A lot. It’s reciprocated. A lot.

This doesn’t even come close to listing all of the things I love about him, but I realize the last two posts have been puke-inducing mush. We try not to be too lovey dovey all over Facebook and stuff. But sometimes, what’s due is due. And he deserves a proper shout out.


One of our first pics together. Outside of Toi on Sunset Boulevard, 2006. We haven’t changed so much. 


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