Wednesday Wins: 2/8/12

I’ve been so tired this week. You know that thing called sleep that when you get enough of, you’re supposed to feel refreshed? Well I’ve been getting the sleep part, just not the refreshing part. No amount of caffeine helps either. But, here are some things that have cheered me up this week:


This song came on the radio tonight and I pumped the jam up to 10. If there was an 11, I would have pumped it up to that. It’s one of my all time faves.

2) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. My friend Andie suggested in my blog a couple weeks ago that I get some eyeshadow primer. Then, my friend Natalie told me which one to buy. Along with my new brushes, this thing has changed my life. You mean now I can wear eyeshadow that stays on ALL DAY? Crazy talk.

3) Pet Head Dog Grooming stuff. Quincy doesn’t shed, but she gets stinky. So, I used my lunch break yesterday to go pick up a new brush and look at some new shampoos. I saw the Dry Clean Dry Shampoo, and had to try it. Quincy was not happy at first. She just sat in the corner, shaking like a leaf and breaking my heart. But when I was done, and she was all brushed out and fluffy, she was prancing around like the princess she is. And she smelled like blueberry muffins. Win-win.

If only this was a scratch-n-sniff.


One thought on “Wednesday Wins: 2/8/12

  1. i like that George Harrison song too…i remember seeing it on whatever PBS called their music video show back in the day.

    Also Quincy smells like Blueberries….if they had stinky dog breath.

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